A CNC Build Log From The Not So Distant Past

2007 wasn’t that long ago, but [Adam Ziegler’s] build log is, nevertheless, a pleasant romp through a not so distant past. From beginning to the end of the build, we enjoyed reading [Adam]’s progress and struggles as he worked through the build. Sometimes it’s hard to see the very normal daily work that goes into a project when it’s all polished up at the end.

He designed the mechanics himself, but after some less-successful attempts, decided to just buy the electronics. The machine is a well executed MDF gantry mill with conduit rails and 6000-series ball bearings on angle stock. It’s a good example of what you can do with cheap materials and careful planning.

[Adam] ran a few jobs on the machine, some of which he took on before it was even built (which he doesn’t recommend doing). After his adventure with this gateway machine, he’s put it up for sale and is purportedly working on a new model. The standard pattern of CNC addiction is a live alive and well.

If you’re looking to get into CNC machining on the cheap, we’ve seen similar affordable builds for your inspiration.

3 thoughts on “A CNC Build Log From The Not So Distant Past

  1. I got an email this morning saying that this was posted on HAD… I thought someone was messing with me. I am alive and well… this post brings back lots of good memories. (At that time, I was very involved with the “Backyard Metal Casting” … I designed a lot of that machine will doing IRC chats with fellow BYMC guys.)

    Ultimately the MDF I used did not survive a house move and time. The ability for it to resist deflection faded and I lost a lot of accuracy. I tried to fix the machine up a couple years ago for the kids to use, and ended up just scraping it for parts. Two main lessons I learned from this project: Don’t underestimate stiffness, and use a good spindle.

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