Hackaday At SCaLE 14x

Next weekend we’ll be at the fourteenth annual Southern California Linux Expo, a fantastic four-day event that covers everything from Apache to PHP, installing Ubuntu on old laptops, people who have their control key just to the right of their left hand pinky as god intended, and something about how much Linux sucks.

The event will feature 150 exhibitors, 130 sessions, tutorials, amateur radio tests, and features keynotes from Mark Shuttleworth, Cory Doctorow, and Sarah Sharp. It is the largest community-run open source and free software conference in North America.

The Hackaday crew will be there makin’ it rain stickers, but that’s not all: Supplyframe, the Hackaday overlords, is sponsoring Game Night at SCaLE. Saturday night will be filled with vintage video games, Nerf artillery, Settlers of Catan, Fireball Island (if someone can find it), and a hacker show and tell. This year is the inaugural SCaLE museum. The theme is Rise of the Machines: A Living Timeline, and will display historic engineering, computing devices, and clever gadgets.

If you’re in the area on Thursday, We’ll also be having a meet and greet at the soon-to-be-finished Supplyframe Design Lab in Pasadena. We only recently got the paperwork to have people in the space, so if you’d like to have a few drinks, have a few snacks, and look at a Tormach, come on over.

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