Handheld Nintendo 64 Only Plays Ocarina Of Time

Introducing the SG-N64 — the Single Game Nintendo 64 Portable Console. You can play any game you want, as long as it’s the Ocarina of Time.

You might be wondering, why would you go to the effort of making a totally awesome portable N64 player, and then limit it to but a single game? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. ocarina-of-time-handheld[Chris] wanted to immortalize his favorite game — the Ocarina of Time. As he puts it, making a SG-N64 “takes the greatness of a timeless classic and preserves it in a body designed solely for the purpose of playing it”.

Inside you’re going to find the motherboard from an original N64, as well as the game cartridge PCB which shed its enclosure and is now hardwired in place. Of course that’s just the start. The real challenge of the build is to add all of the peripherals that are needed: screen, audio, control, and power. He did it, and in a very respectable size considering this was meant to sit in your living room.

Now that is how you show your kids or grand-kids a classic video game. Heck, maybe you can even convince them that’s how all games were sold and played! What’s the fun in being a parent without a bit of trolling?

Oh and if one game per console isn’t good enough, we guess you could make a portable N64 that can play any game…

22 thoughts on “Handheld Nintendo 64 Only Plays Ocarina Of Time

    1. That I could, but the whole point of the project was to be “limited”, not just give the casing a theme. It’s not the most practical build by any means, I’ll agree 100% about that. It was more of an artistic tribute to one of my favorite N64 games of my mid-teenage years. I’ve got plans for two more to make my N64 Trifecta of favorites. Dunno when they’ll get done but hopefully we’ll see them this year.

      1. So long as one of them is Goldeneye then we’re good. Otherwise you’re an idiot and a fool (<– sarcastic jest).

        (Actually… should be the grand finale to your build series. A bigger screen and 4 controllers to give homage to the first console first-person shooter that actually got it right.)

        1. Well I’m sure that it wouldn’t be to hard to figure out the other two. I think everyone my age had the same three favorite games ever on that system. Bigger screens mean bigger, bulkier systems and less battery life. I mean I’ll probably get a 5″ full 4:3 ratio screen for the next two, they are just 3 to 4 times the price because they aren’t nearly in as much demand and I made this one with only components I had laying around.

          1. I was going to guess Majora’s Mask and Smash Bros, although they’re not necessarily in my N64 top 3. Can’t wait to see the Mario 64 unit!

            “It was more of an artistic tribute to one of my favorite N64 games of my mid-teenage years.”

            Honestly, that’s the only explination I need, even if the portable never got any play time.

  1. 3DS and OoT, minor bug fixes from N64 plus true 3D view and a whole lot smaller, ready to play out of the box, and probably cheaper.

    But each to his own. Excellent hack, A+ for the effort. I’d have included cart slot so I could play MM as well.

  2. it’s kinda like an overblown version of the AD&D handheld LCD game I wanted as a kid. I get why he made a handheld that plays only his favorite game. I’d have picked something with more repeatability, but then again the chance of me ever making something like this is pretty slim.
    Nice job.

  3. Have you or are you willing to post the build files and such on github or anywhere public? I might want to try to make one of these if you’re willing to share. Ocarina of Time is my all time favorite.

    1. Yeah, I’ll probably post the STL files on My Mini Factory where I have an account and I’ll post the link here and on my site. But remember that this was designed around using certain components, specifically the custom N64 controller. It’s a lot smaller than anything that could be hacked up from an OEM or 3rd party, so making things fit could get tight. Same deal for the audio amp.But I’m certain it’s doable with other components.

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