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Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you tell them about your homebrew 4K LED panel. Just don’t tell them it is a 64X64 grid. (Hey, that’s 4K LEDs total!) We’ll keep your secret. [Tom Nelson] has a good write up on how to create such a panel from 16X16 WS2812B panels.

At first glance, this doesn’t sound like a tough project. But if you read [Tom’s] log, you’ll see that he has a lot of good advice about heat management and the use of a diffuser to get good performance. The build uses several ECG-P2-2 controllers, plus it is mechanically neatly done.

The 64 cm square array is a precursor to a planned 128X128 display that [Tom] wants to build. He mentions he will release the custom driver software for the panel, so check his site for more details. We’ve seen some panels and diffusers before if you want to start with something smaller and work your way up.

9 thoughts on “Easy LED Panel

  1. I work for a display company, using specialized display controllers sometimes does’nt cost too much, i use p10 1r1g1b panels, and a synchronous controller, minus the psus it may cost 50% more ??? for the psu i use meanwell 5v 60 amps, very reliable and self temperature regulated.

  2. Arghh, this is an off the shelf product about as interesting as a blinky led project. It does not require any skill to wire up these panels just a lot of excess money that could be spent on something interesting.

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