2016 Hackaday Prize Begins Anew And Anything Goes

Today marks the beginning of the Anything Goes challenge, a 2016 Hackaday Prize contest that will reward 20 finalists with $1000 for solving a technology problem and a chance at winning the entire Hackaday Prize: $150,000 and a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab in Pasadena.

anythinggoes (1)The Hackaday Prize is empowering hackers, designers, and engineers to use their time to Build Something that Matters. For the next five weeks what matters is solving a technology problem. Have an idea to power vehicles without polluting the atmosphere? Great! Want to figure out how to get your washing machine to work better? We want to see that too. Anything goes so design it, prototype it, document it and you could be one of the twenty entries headed to the final round.

We have already seen a groundswell of progress in the Hackaday Prize. The first round, Design Your Concept, had over five hundred entries! But today is a brand new day, a new challenge, and all bets are off. It’s the perfect clean slate for you to join the movement.

Start your project right now and submit it to the Hackaday Prize. If you have previously started a project page you can add it to the Anything Goes challenge using the “Submit Project To” dropdown menu on the left sidebar of your project page.

Talk about your idea, document your plan for seeing it through to completion, and then start writing build logs as you begin to work on the prototype. On May 30th our panel of judges will review all the entries and choose twenty that exhibit the best the Hackaday Prize has to offer.

You have the talent. You can make the time. You will make a difference. The greatest things in the world start small but with passion. This is your moment, now start your journey.

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10 thoughts on “2016 Hackaday Prize Begins Anew And Anything Goes

    1. Not quite so stupid. NASA noticed how Simon Helberg (aka Howard Wolowitz) played an citizen astronaut on the American TV show THE BIG BANG THEORY. They came to Comic Con to offer him a REAL ride into space on ISS. Simon turned them down flat. So NASA really wants someone to go.

        1. Ren – Not sure… The Russians wanted $10m (USD) and permission from USA for him to go. The SecState didn’t want to sanction it only saying they didn’t want to get involved. So anyway he was killed in a plane crash in ’97. I am not sure he actually went. Christa McAuliffe was then the 1st citizen astronaut. Unfortunately only for about 2 minutes. Dennis Tito was the first for MIR.

      1. NASA != Hackaday.
        What hackaday was awarding was either a nice cash prize now, or the possibility that at some point if someone actually made a commercial space craft and actually got it into production and it actually managed to work without killing too many people… then… maybe… you get a trip to space (barely space by the way).. for 5 minutes.. then you come back…or maybe you die in a fiery explosion that you essentially gave up over a hundred thousand dollars for.

        So the options are a possibly life changing amount of cash to pay off engineering school loans or buy a house a ton of ramen noodle packets….or…. the possibility of maybe someday maybe taking a 5 minute ride into space (kind of) and maybe getting killed.

        This = stupid

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