These 20 Projects Just Won $1000 In The Hackaday Prize

For this year’s Hackaday Prize, we’re doing something spectacular. We’re funding the next great piece of Open Hardware by giving away thousands of dollars for the best hardware projects. Just a few days ago, we wrapped up the Anything Goes portion of The Hackaday Prize, an electronic free for all to build the coolest gizmos imaginable. Now, it’s time to announce the twenty winners of the Anything Goes portion of The Hackaday Prize.

The winners of the Anything Goes challenge, in no particular order, are:

These twenty project just won $1000 and will now move on to the last phase of The Hackaday Prize, to be judged by our fourteen celebrity judges. Congrats! There’s a lot of work for these project to do before the final judging in October. Better get to work!

citizenScienceIf your project didn’t make the cut, there’s still ample opportunity for you to build the next great hardware gizmo. For the next few weeks, we’re running the Citizen Scientist portion of The Hackaday Prize. We’re looking for projects that expand the frontiers of knowledge, and give the common man the tools to discover the world.

Citizen Scientist is this month’s Hackaday Prize challenge to create something new, study something undiscovered, or replicate scientific studies. We’re opening up the gates for everyone to build their own apparatus and do their own research.

Like the Design Your Concept and Anything Goes rounds of The Hackaday Prize, the top twenty projects will win $1000, and go on to the Hackaday Prize finals for a chance to win the Hackaday Prize – $150,000 and a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab in Pasadena.

If you don’t have a project up on, you can start one right now and submit it to The Hackaday Prize. If you already have a project up, add it to the Citizen Scientist challenge using the dropdown menu on the left sidebar of your project page.

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19 thoughts on “These 20 Projects Just Won $1000 In The Hackaday Prize

  1. Thanks for each like, for following my project and of course for sharing your thoughts!
    Not to forget a big thanks to this year’s sponsors of the HackadayPrize for the 1000.-$. That will push the development of my (your) machines. Nonetheless, the next CNC of my series will be a cheap one made of old printer parts…

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