Vegapin: A Beautiful Virtual Pinball Machine

One click on the wrong YouTube link, and one sleepless night after being introduced to virtual pinball, and [Sascha Rossier], aka Swiss hip-hop rapper [Der Lügner], was at work on his own design. You can watch the plans, and the build progress on [Sascha]’s project diary (in German, translated here). The awesome case, huge monitor serving as the playfield, bump and tilt sensors make this a droolworthy device.

We also learned how to say “greebles” in Swiss-German: “greebles“. And there are greebles galore in this build. [Sascha]’s 3D printer was working overtime churning out not only fan ducts for the computer that lives inside the case, but also dia-de-los-muertos themed foot brackets and all sorts of loudspeaker covers and dinosaur accoutrements. This is clearly a labor of love. (And [Sascha] wrote us back about the date in the name: it’s when he and his girlfriend met 20 years ago, playing pinball nonetheless!)

Head off to [Sascha]’s website and check it out. All of the details are there, from the mechanical design to the part selection. This is probably the most elaborate virtual pinball build we’ve seen, but it’s not the only one. Heck, we’ve even seen a virtual machine built into a real pinball machine’s case. But never before have we seen one with so darn many greebles.

7 thoughts on “Vegapin: A Beautiful Virtual Pinball Machine

  1. A beautiful work of playable art that looks at best in the dark, the nice website holds lot’s of pictures, interesting build. I wasn’t really aware of virtual pinball machines, so now a whole new world has been shown to me.

  2. The 3D printed parts look amazing! Great job.
    Had a really good laugh at the cardboard box ‘prototype’ for testing the controls; I know many of us have done the same to get the placing just right.

  3. Thanx for your comments, Dudez! I come from a Visual Effects Background. Visual FX couldnt survive without greebles ;-) True! The PC is kind of overkill … But My neighbour and pc-overclocker had the parts layin around … And Actually the pinball-emulation is 3d … And a few tables have pretty hefty fire, water and smoke fx. You can even dial in a custom camera position to look at the table with … Check out pinball fx 2 by zen studios … You dont need such a overnerded cab to play the tables … A normal laptop already does it … Just try it out ;-))

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