Hoverchair For Your Hoverboard Turns Your Segway Into A Go-Kart

Want to get somewhere safely, but all you have is a Segway? An afternoon spent tinkering can turn your Segway into a lounging cruiser with this hoverseat attachment, just like YouTuber [Inflatable Boats]’s hot new ride.

The backbone of the cart is the Segway Mini Pro. An aluminium frame attaches to the Segway via an eye-bolt and two carabiners, the larger of which has some tape wrapped around it to reduce wear. A swivel caster is attached with u-bolts to support the weight  of the rider along the middle of this makeshift go-cart. Pushing on a t-handle made of pvc — connected to the Segway’s knee brace with a simple strap — engages the motor in lieu of the normal lean-to-go-forward action. Turning is simply done by swinging the handle or pressing with your feet.

It packs up neatly to fit in your trunk, and can tow a second or even third cart containing a passenger, a cooler or other valuables. Just use some common sense and don’t drink and drive if you whip together this ride. If you don’t feel like fronting the cost of a Segway, then build your own instead.

17 thoughts on “Hoverchair For Your Hoverboard Turns Your Segway Into A Go-Kart

  1. I know Segway is the thing most people associate with these but given the central spire is only going up to about knee height it’s probably a Xiaomi Ninebot Mini.

    Oh wait never mind, Xiaomi bought Ninebot who bought Segway so they’re advertised under Xiaomi in most of the world except the US where Segway’s got more brand recognition.

  2. ehmmm… why exactly?!?! Well because he can… I know, so let’s skip that.

    You buy a segway or hoverboard or whatever to look cool or to be small.
    And then you add a chair because you can’t stand or something… or can’t stand it to use things as they are intended.

    We see this contraption drive over a completely flat surface… I would like to see him drive up and down the curbs of the sidewalk or at full speed through some pothole(s) with that tiny wheel in the middle. Claiming to be safer then a segway… sure… practical… I doubt it.

    When you drive a chair on wheels you looks like a senior citizen end of discussion
    Unless it goes really really fast…

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