Raspberry Pi Radio Streaming Service Guts Yamaha Shelf System

There are dozens — dozens! — of options to meet your music and streaming needs these days.  Looking to make something of his own that retains that 90’s vibe of having a dedicated stereo system but with modern wireless integration, [thk4711] turned an old Yamaha hifi into a Raspberry Pi streaming client.

As far as the case goes, a few modifications allowed [thk4711] to use all of the existing buttons, and a quick-swap of the back-plate and screen gave him a better enclosure than one he could fabricate himself. The power supply proved to be the most difficult part of the project due in part to some “digital noise” interference between the digital and analog components while they were wired to a common ground. This was solved by implementing two transformers, a LM2596 voltage regulator and a LT1084 low-noise power supply to smooth things out.

The Raspberry Pi 2-centered device supports internet radio, Spotify connect, Airplay, USB and auxiliary inputs.

The stereo is controlled by good old fashioned digital toggling of the buttons, or via an Apple remote. The project has been thoroughly documented on GitHub. If you’re looking a different line on your favorite tunes, take a bite out of this radio that pumps music directly into your skull.

9 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Radio Streaming Service Guts Yamaha Shelf System

  1. We recently inherited an “antique” table. It turned out to be an old radio cabinet (already gutted, it wasn’t me!)
    So, I’m considering making it an Internet radio. These type of HaD articles are good inspiration.

    1. If you get it done make sure to show us, oh and Internet Archive has a shiteload of old time radio MP3s that can also be streamed online, if you want to give your old time radio some old time radio.

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