LVL1 Hackerspace Builds A DOOMcano

When you need a DOOMcano, there’s no real substitute. And they’re not just selling these things on the street-corner. Nope, friend, you’ve got to get the hackerspace together and build your own.

plastic_thumbnailFor a fundraiser, and we suspect for the fun of it, the folks at LVL1 in Louisville, KY built a metal case with four (4!) flame-thrower jets. The idea is that you donate, and they’ll burn stuff for you.

Or you could build your own, following their detailed build log. LVL1 earns clever points for the use of 3D printer nozzles as gas jets, and for the laser-cut boxes that hold spray-cans of combustible fluid with servos to depress the buttons. It’s Rube-Goldbergy, but it works. Battery-powered grill igniters provide the spark, and an Arduino provides the control.

If you need more fire-breathing madness, check out this duck decoy (naturally) or this RC flamethrower turret build for further inspiration. And be safe!

6 thoughts on “LVL1 Hackerspace Builds A DOOMcano

  1. I’d rather burn wood, oil, or coal; not capacitors, steppers, and PVC-coated wires.
    I hope nobody innocent gets cancer because some decided to torch trash for cash.
    Where is LVL1? Is it isolated from society or is it in the middle of a crowded city?
    I hope they add an air filter but they will probably burn that too. :(

    Please recycle your e-waste responsibly, even though it’s difficult to find a place that doesn’t just ship it overseas.

    1. Was going to say… that’s got to stink. The proper way to incinerate stuff like this is to run the vapors through a charcoal bed to crack them into simpler compounds at a high temperature. This thing doesn’t even have firebrick.

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