2 thoughts on “Haptic Games Bring Fun To The Visually Impaired

  1. Finally, a HaD project for visually impaired that actually makes sense!
    Also for a games that use some form of scanner to return information on scanned piece maybe a QR code tag or something similar and piece of software for smartphones that scams the, and reads them aloud would work better. Ordinary dice can be scanned this way too, for multitude of games…

    On related note I learned Braille using a typewriter and a box that had holes that formed 4 rows of Braille cells and metal pins with rounded tops to form “bumps”. It took me only 6 months to know it by feel. As an additional aid I have a cube made of 3 square pieces of wood on metal shaft. Each piece has on each side either left bump, right bump, both and none. By rotating them one can create any letter in Braille…

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