Final Weekend For Work-From-Home Challenge Of The Hackaday Prize

This is the final weekend to enter your work-from-home project in the 2021 Hackaday Prize. We know how much fun it is to be creative with home setups that keep let you work without disrupting your non-work life. Show off what you’ve done and you’ll be in the running for some big cash prizes.

Among the lowest hanging fruit is improving your home’s window to the work world. Anything you can do to make your audio and video experience better on video calls is going to make you happier and make the virtual office feel more like a team. [Andy Lustig] built a dedicated video call control panel that can cut off mic and camera, share his screen, switch views, and leave the meeting. Having always-available physical controls for these is a huge power-up for your cubicle-away-from-the-office.

Long hours hunched over the computer are going to take a toll on your body. There are a number of projects entered in the contest that remind you to take breaks, but [ImageryEel] took at different approach. It’s a wearable posture pack that uses an IMU to measure the position of your spine. You’ll get push notifications when the posture pack notices your upper back is beginning to slump. Hopefully this makes it a self-correcting problem!

Having a cozy place to do you work is great for both your physical and emotional health. [Peter van der Walt] is taking the concept of a home “battlestation” to another level, with a reclining chair design that wraps dual monitors around you as you settle in for the work day.

It’s not too late. Make this weekend into your own mini hackathon and get those entries in by Monday morning. Ten finalists will each receive a $500 cash prize and be in the running for the final round beginning at the end of October. Ultimately, one entry will claim the $25,000 Hackaday Prize along with top prizes for four other finalists.

Begin your project on today, and use the “Submit Project To” dropdown box in the left sidebar of your project page to enter it in the contest. Good luck!

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