Hackaday Remoticon: Tickets And T-Shirts!

Tickets for the Hackaday Remoticon are now available and there’s one big addition this year:  Shirts!

As you have doubtless heard, the Supercon is on hold for one more year, so we’re doing Remoticon round two.  And aside from missing the direct human contact, our conference t-shirt drawer is getting a little empty. While we can’t fix the global pandemic, we can fix the latter problem with this eye-catching design, the latest in a long line of art created by Aleksandar Bradic for Hackaday Conferences.

Remoticon will kick off on Friday, November 19th with some new social shenanigans. All day Saturday we’ll present talks, capped off by the Hackaday Prize Ceremony and a party that evening. Keep your eyes peeled for more info, but grab your ticket today and block off your calendar.

Attendance is free, and your registering early helps us plan our infrastructure to handle the crowd. If you want a t-shirt, you can order one at the same time for $25. Shipping for people in the US is included, but because of the realities of postal costs, shipping will be $10 for those everywhere else in the world.


We’re also still looking for more great talks! The Call for Proposals is open until October 14th. Don’t sit on the sidelines, do your Hackaday duty and give a talk about something that interests you. There’s a critical mass of other geeks into the same stuff that will delight in hearing from you! Come join us.

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Remoticon: Tickets And T-Shirts!

  1. Okay, but what’s the badge situation? As someone who isn’t much of a convention goer, I have been jealous of the crazy badges you show off every year. I want to be living that badge life!

    1. The badge sitch is likely going to be distributed and DIY again this year. Any parts we’d want to use would probably stock-out anyway. :'(

      But check out Thomas Flummer’s from last year: https://github.com/flummer/remoticon2020-badge (Heck, while you’re at it, check out _all_ his badges. Really!)

      Man, thinking about it all makes me want to fire something up as well. If you make a badge for Remoticon, even a one-off, take some photos and let us know? We’ll have to write up a feature article.


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