This Chariot Is Pulled By A Team Of Motorcycles

We’re fans of unusual forms of transport here, so when we saw an article featuring a home-made motorcycle chariot we knew we had to share it with you. You’ll probably notice it comes from the keyboard of our colleague [Lewin Day] as he moonlights writing for The Drive, and he’s brought along a lot of context and history to the dual-Husqvarna chariot built by [Jack Field].

The machine itself is a chariot in the ancient Roman fashion, a two-wheeled platform on which the rider stands and holds the reins. Instead of a team of horses though there is the aforementioned pair of Husqvarna motorcycles, and a pair of rods to their handlebars with throttle and brake controls take the place of reins. It’s fair to say that this might not be the least hazardous of conveyances, but it appears both rideable and controllable, and will appear at motorcycle shows. truth be told we’d like to have a go ourselves, but since it’s in Australia we think there’s little chance. Unexpectedly the motorcycle chariot is not a new idea, with their being used for full-scale races back in the 1930s. There’s a trip into that world with some exciting but lethal-looking racing action to view, but it seems that these machines exist here in 2022 mostly for show.

This isn’t the first machine operated by reins we’ve brought you, how about a rein-operated tractor?

21 thoughts on “This Chariot Is Pulled By A Team Of Motorcycles

    1. Seems to me the trick would be to just register the parts, not the whole. Registering two motorcycles should be trivial, do the regulations require registration of a trailer?

        1. Technically he is on the motor cycles as they are carrying a portion of his weight. The “Ben Hur” is also carrying a portion of his weight but technicality that’s no different to a side car when cornering.

  1. I remember Rachau Hillclimb back in the 1990’s / early 2000’s on Eurosport featured quite a few chariots and other mad contraptions going up the hill – beer may have been involved.

    It’s worth seeking out the old videos on YouTube – one year the Red Bull marquee disappeared overnight.

  2. you can see it now at the Easter show in Sydney – I’m in melbourne at the moment so will miss it..

    “The next stop for Field and his new chariot will be the Sydney Royal Easter Show in New South Wales, taking place from April 8 to April 19. “

    1. My grandfather was a machinist, motorcycle racer, dealer and race promoter in the 1920-1950s. He built a pair of motorcycle chariots from traded in police bikes, and ran them at fairgrounds in the central NJ/PA region in exhibition races. I still have his original mechanical drawings, newspaper clippings, and a bunch of photos. Story was that the chariots we’re parked at his shop and stolen a few years after they started racing them.

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