Moon Phase Lamp Uses Rotating Shade

The Moon has fascinated humanity for centuries. These days, though, it’s a trial and a bore to go outside and stare upwards to check on the natural satellite. Instead, why not bring the Moon to your bedside with this rotating phase lamp?

The build comes to us from [payasa_manandhar], who did a good job of replicating the Moon in both form and function. It’s based around a lithophane of the lunar surface, which adequately duplicates the Moon’s grey pockmarked visage thanks to topographical data sourced from NASA. It looks a treat when backlit from the inside. However, this is no mere ornamental lamp. With the aid of a stepper motor controlled by an Arduino, a shade inside the lamp actually rotates to shadow the Moon as per the appropriate phase.

It’s a build that is both fun and educational, in both the electronic and astronomical disciplines. We’ve seen some other great Moon lamps before, too.

9 thoughts on “Moon Phase Lamp Uses Rotating Shade

  1. I think that is the worst video ever posted to hackaday. Normally I’d say looking at linked videos is a waste of time but, like watching a train wreck, that was so bad it was amusing and actually funny to waste a few seconds watching . Title is Moon clock shows moon phase. Several second video that is poorly lit, weird sound, does not at all show moon phases or anything at all really. Shaky too. It’s amazing actually.
    That said the idea is really cool despite looking at the actual moon being pretty easy to do.

    1. It could be on purpose… generates more views.

      I had to watch it several times to see if there were something obvious I was missing, but looks like you are right: there’s nothing!

      Shame is, the project is nice! Lithophanes are cool, and the moon phase idea is great. Too bad he didn’t got a better video…

  2. Uncle Milton item no. #5102 in 3D. You get an extraterrestrial view with this. We are going back! I found one but I didn’t have the remote that goes with it. Hack the moon anyone?

  3. I sincerely hope that Lewin Day was being sarcastic when he said that having to actually go outside to see the moon was “a trial and a bore”. If not, that has to be the most inbred geek thing ever said.

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