7 thoughts on “Marvin Minsky’s 2500 Logo Computer

  1. Logo’s a hugely underrated language — underneath the turtle graphics it’s basically a stealth Lisp. It was done a huge disservice by all the 8-bit microcomputer ports that weren’t really powerful enough to write non-trivial programs on. For an introductory programming language, you could still do a great deal worse.

    1. Kid Stuff on Commodore PET. I started learning that along with BASIC when I was only 6 at elementary school. I was able to do complex design but then I started having problem making a more complex design because PET had only 4K RAM, some used up by Kid Stuff program and the rest became full.

      Turtle Graphics for C64 were many times better and had more RAM for me to work with, Unfortunately LOGO program were not catching on and fading away in mid 80s and no computer supported it when I got to middle school.

        1. I learned logo on appleII and atari800 by 1983 in elementary school. 3rd grade… I’m in the US. But it was part of the national curriculum in the UK for a long time.

  2. Don’t forget Seymour Papert. ………..I was working for Honeywell I.S. in that time..and taking courses at MIT… it was a fascinating time …..as now with new discoveries….. Hurry 4 technology and I.S.

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