3D Print Your Best Friend A Wheelchair

We all know that 3D printing has been a boon for people with different life challenges. But the Ford Motor Company in Mexico wants to help dogs that need mobility assistance. They’ve designed and released P-Raptor (we presume the P is for perro), a wheelchair for pooches with rear leg issues. The web page is in Spanish, and translating it didn’t seem to work for some reason, but if you have any Spanish, you can probably work it out or cut and paste just the text into your favorite translator.

The design is modular to adapt to different size dogs and different problems. It contains an electric motor in the tires. The tires themselves are oversized to help your friend cover rugged terrain. Dogs want to look cool, too, so a grill with lighting is included.

The release says it will be available for free download “soon.” You’ll enter your pup’s dimensions and other information and download custom-sized parts for you to print. All3DP mentions that they contacted Ford and were told that the final version won’t be ready until 2024. Plenty of time to tune up your 3D printer for the challenge.

Just because a puppy is born with no hind legs doesn’t mean he can’t be super cute. If you don’t mind a slightly more industrial look, we’ve seen other doggie wheelchairs before, too.

7 thoughts on “3D Print Your Best Friend A Wheelchair

  1. Ay chihuahua!

    Simone Giertz, the self-appointed “queen of shitty robots” created a prosthetic exo-skeleton leg for Scraps, her three-legged pooch. Not a wheelchair, but still pretty cool.
    WARNING: YouTube video link redirected through invidious:
    It’s so obvious that she really loves her dog.
    She has to be one of my favourite youtubers. Some of the craziest and creative inventions and funny too.

  2. Do you guys need an editor?

    … a wheelchair for pooches with rear legs.
    (without rear legs)

    … but if you have any Spanish,
    (know any Spanish)

    … or cut and paste just the text
    (or just copy and paste the text)

    … look cool, too, a s grill with lighting is included.
    (and so a grill)

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