RGB LED strips, LED digital clocks, seven-segment LED displays, is there anything an Arduino can’t do?

There are a million Arduino clones out there, and they all do pretty much the same thing. You know what would be great? A million and one. That’s the design philosophy behind Hackaday’s own Arduino clone, the HaDuino.

it’s also a bottle opener. Seriously. The idea pitch began with, “You know what would be a really cool idea?”

We’ll give ourselves this: it works as an Arduino clone. The bottle opener part is another story. Our prototype board broke after opening one bottle. It’s only a prototype, though, and all the design files are up on GitHub if you want take a shot at making a real Arduino-compatible bottle opener.

One more thing: we’re not selling this. You can read that as one of two things. It’s so exclusive and cool the only way to get it is to fab a board, or we just don’t want to cause a stir in the Arduino community with support issues. You know, because it’s an Arduino bottle opener.

It’s open source, open hardware, do with it as you like.

Oh, here’s some really sweet board art:


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