St. Louis Hackerspace: Arch Reactor

Here at HackaDay, we are always a fan of a group of hackers coming together to create a place to share ideas, tools, parts, and stories. A group from St. Louis called Arch Reactor have managed to secure a new location, and are having their grand opening this Saturday. From 4-10pm on the 30th, they will be hosting an open house, and showing off both the area as well as some personal projects. We plan on being there to cover it, as well as support a hackerspace that is close to home for a couple of us.

They are located on the second floor of:

904 Cherokee St.
St Louis, MO 63118

and feel free to check out their location page, as well as their main web site.

Edit: Thanks to [kamikazejoe] from the Arch Reactor forums for pointing out the logo issue. Whoops.