Printing Your Own Guitar Parts

The white parts that make up the body contours of this guitar have been 3D printed to meet [Bård S D’s] personal specifications. He started designing the pieces last year to add to his Zoybar guitar. Each of the three parts has its own function. The tail piece serves as a floor stand, as well as a hook for hanging the instrument upside down. The wide piece at the top gives the player a place to rest the forearm, and the piece at the bottom serves as a cradle to place on your leg, and contains the jack for the guitar’s pickup. You can see him playing the instrument in the video after the break.

We looked for more information on the Zoybar system but it’s a bit hard to get the facts from that website. We know that the 6-string kit comes standard without frets, and it’ll cost you a pretty penny at around $700. But if it performs as a quality instrument the price isn’t too far out of line.

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