ipod photo diagnostic mode

ipod photo diagnostic mode

so i picked up an ipod photo so i can write some articles and hacks with it (see the sacrifices i make!)–wait until ya’ll see what i’ve got cookin. any way, i’m a little bummed that the ipod remote doesn’t actually advance, play or pause the photo slideshows, but pressing the buttons on the ipod does. so, i’m starting to hack around to see what i can come up with. here’s something i found that might be useful for other things, the ipod photo diagnostic mode which allows you to test a few things, we also posted up the ipod remote data earlier.


  1. Pugio says:

    Well that link is broken. Here’s the actual link:


  2. Dave olsen says:

    Hi, interested to see that the diags show “headphonedetect”. I wonder if that may cause current drain when headphones are attached???


  3. Tim says:
  4. john says:

    This trick also works with the 5G video iPod.

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