The Ultra-simple Hovercraft

the ultra-simple hovercraft

over on tech tv today they had the cast tooling around on a hoverboard made out of a leaf blower, plastic skirt and some plywood. the design is so simple, it’s something that i think we’ll see a lot of iterations of with a lot more tech added and it used in more places.

speaking of…the weblogsinc network has a pretty cool new blog about traveling, today they had geocaching and some other techy travel stuff, check them out too if you plan to travel and want to think of things to hack around with when you get there. i might send some ideas over for messing with stuff in hotels, hehe.

12 thoughts on “The Ultra-simple Hovercraft

  1. You can make a hovercraft on a smaller scale, using a styrofoam plate (with some kind of lip) and an 80mm PC fan.
    Just put the plate upside-down, cut a hole for the airflow, and mount the fan over the hole.
    A nine-volt battery is sufficient for most fans, but using 12-volts is much better.

  2. this was a wicked awesome project for school last year.. the instructions are awesome and they work great. i used a shower curtain and it held up pretty good until my classmates got a little rough with it.

  3. I have designed and built 9 hovercrafts. I have seen these plans on the internet long ago. Better ones can be found at

    My latest is made from two sheets of 3/8″ ply with waterproof ripstop nylon as the skirt. Also, a new 110 mph gas leaf blower to power it. It is a 4×8 foot oval.

    If you want to chat about hovercrafts drop me an email :

  4. you can use a cheap one man raft with the bottom cut out and mounted on a piece of plywood with a leafblower as the inflator. not to mention using a small 47 cc engine as the propulsion fan hooked to a few wooden rudder panels and a prop. new inovation in transportation

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