Configure Your Router For Bittorrent

configure your router for bittorrent

there are a few reports floating around that suggest that bittorrent is 35% of the internet’s traffic, which seems like bs, regardless, if you do use bittorrent here are some helpful hints on configuring your router to get the best download speeds.

also here’s how to configure an apple airport extreme base station (aebs) and apple macintosh computer for firewall port forwarding. the apple airport  extreme base station includes a built-in firewall that will decrease your bittorrent download speeds  unless you enable port forwarding to your mac.

14 thoughts on “Configure Your Router For Bittorrent

  1. Well, Like i always say ” Keep on a GOOD hack”… As i thought “Opening the Hardware and change into a soup!” Tons of flavor soups… That changing the stuff inside into something useful, neat, strong, and magical… This site’s pretty cool.. it’s only one thing for one day… I like that..

    Keep on a good hack…

  2. This doesn’t even come close to solving the problems that a P2P app causes, such as opening so many connections, or resolving so many names that the routers memory fills up and the device crashes!

    Come on guys, this is bull!

  3. aww come on! This is BS. I thought this was going to be some cool software that could do load balancing, or filtering bogus seaders, etc.
    This is lame. I would have expected more from this site.

  4. Straight port-forwarding is a primitive way to do it anyway. On a Linksys, update to the latest firmware and enable UPnP on the setup page. Allow the uPnP service on whatever software firewall you use and use Azerus as your Bittorrent client. It’s much simpler that port forwarding, there’s no full-time blocking of ports—uPnP only takes what it needs, and you can torrent to more than one client behind the router.

  5. Hardly a hack , port forward is mandatory for P2P for years, only difference here is that BT client tend to use more than a single port…

    i love this site but i believe it has a huge charge to come up to, supplying a hack a day is a difficult task, lets hope this article today is not the begining of filling.

  6. pedro, I’m not dissing the whole site, in fact I love it and I have loved it since it’s they posted their first hacks. But that won’t stop me form telling them when they do something I don’t like, cause that’s what comments are for, getting feedback on content. If I was the hostmaster I would want people to both give positive and negative comments so I could know what they wanted.

    Oh, and since I’m already at it, I wouldn’t mind it terribly if you guys turned of this *convert comments to all-lowercase* thing, because it looks like we’re a bunch of illiterate kiddies :P

    Keep up the good work!

  7. hah! i just noticed the above comment . . . first of all, lowercase != illiterate kiddies. was e.e. cummings an illiterate kid? also, i think you meant “if you guys turned _off_ this *convert comments to all-lowercase thing*”, not _of_, right? you illiterate kiddy.

    lover of lowercase,


  8. maybe you guys can help me with something..

    i recently moved to a new apartment complex that gave free ethernet, but since i got here i’ve been unable to download on bittorrent at more than 1kbps. i’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of finding and opening some ports, but i don’t have access to the apartment’s firewall. is there any way to get around this? i’d prefer to do it without any actual “hacking,” but at this point i’m kinda desperate.


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