gameboy advance gps

gameboy advance gps

if you’ve got a gameboy advance, a gba flash cartridge, and a gps receiver that outputs nmea, then you can turn your gameboy advance into a cool gps mapping receiver.

mikhail sharonov created a nice litle application that assists you in importing and calibrating up to 20 raster maps.  the software will then output a gba rom file that you can run on your device.  with a few minor software updates, he was also able to get the microsoft branded gps to work (the one which comes with microsoft streets and trips 2005).  hot!


  1. jd says:

    welcome back hack a day

  2. heyuan says:

    Hmm it looks absolutely cool. But it just seems like it just provides a colour screen alternative to your black and white GPS device.

  3. c0der says:

    This is very cool. So cool that I just pulled my ebay listing for a GBA SP that I was selling. I’m totally trying this.

    To the previous poster: I’m not sure about the creator of this hack, but in my case, I have an old Garmin eTrex that doesn’t show raster maps at all, only monochrome vector graphics. With this hack I can use the GBA not only as a color screen, but as a raster mapping device.

    Only think I’m not 100% on is the cable. It appears that you have to hack together a custom cable (serial to GBA link port). Still worth a try…

  4. sebastien says:

    anyone with a gps receiver just like this one “I have the platinum” ! i need your help.
    i have one just like that but with a broken lcd brand new but i’m overseas so i cant take it back to the store. I need someone to help me get it setup to get gps info on my laptop but i cant set it up without display. I need someone to guide me step by step.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    This is one kickass hack.

    Is there anything a GBA SP can’t do?

  6. Hubertus Bigend says:

    I was about to foolishly ebay my GBA SP too!

    Those people dragging their feet over at RedSky Mobile ( can finally give up the ghost now…

    Link cable does look a bit tricky though.


  7. someone that dosent like mat medici says:

    wow, that guy knows what the fuck hes doing, thats really cool, now all ya gota do is embed a gps device inside the ds, and use it solely as a gps device, im guessing that it would work with teh advanced

    im still wishing i wasnt so poor so i could make one of thems…

  8. phil_m says:

    Be careful building the RS232 to Gameboy cable: Mikhail Sharonov’s design essentially shorts your GPS receiver’s output to ground! Add a 500 to 1k Ohm resistor between the receiver and the diodes. (your mileage may vary)

  9. bill says:

    Have you thought of adding voice? But my biggest question is ‘Where do you get a gba flash cartridge?? I thought that I had looked, but I have not seen one mentioned. I must be looking in the wrong places. Please help if you can. Thanks even if you can not.

  10. brian says:

    A WAAAY cool hack, and one that I am sorely tempted to do. I have been writing code for the GBA, and have an old Magellan GPS lying about….

    The GBA Flash carts are available at in Ontario, Canada – or look at for more info.

  11. rich says:

    At the website the story points to that has the instruction, I’m at a loss for details. I’m a newbie at hacks & wanna do this with the Microsoft GPS sensor w/Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005. But I need exact detailed instructions and how to wire the gps module inside of it properly & what to do with the rom because I dont understand exactly what to do in laymens terms. Help would be eternally appreciated

  12. dung says:

    nhanh chan

  13. liam says:

    can it go on the internet?

  14. liam says:

    can it go on the internet?

  15. Stephen says:

    Although Microsoft (actually Pharos, who makes them for Microsoft) won’t admit it, the GPS-360 & GPS-500 are both Serial interface at the edge connector on the side of the “Mouse-Puck”.. output is standard NMEA stream at 19200 baud. The cable or dongle between them is a USB to serial I/O (RS-232) adaptor. For a long time, the driver for the GPS-500 dongle was crashing my HP-DV6000 w/Vista. If someone can figure out the type of connector the 500 uses, I’d have the perfect GPS for a Robot design I’m working on.

  16. joel says:

    How the gba link cable can hack into a gba usb link cable? I have an oId gameboy color link connector and i want to connect my gba sp into pc . Tnx i hope u can show me how

  17. That’s inconceivable. Apple never used to be anywhere like that. I am old enough to remember the very first that had input recognition and two clicks buttons, let alone all this new stuff they have.

  18. Clay Arkins says:

    I have always been fascinated with computers. I want to learn more. Can you guys recommend me any good online classes about flash or web design in general?

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