Gameboy Advance Gps

gameboy advance gps

if you’ve got a gameboy advance, a gba flash cartridge, and a gps receiver that outputs nmea, then you can turn your gameboy advance into a cool gps mapping receiver.

mikhail sharonov created a nice litle application that assists you in importing and calibrating up to 20 raster maps.  the software will then output a gba rom file that you can run on your device.  with a few minor software updates, he was also able to get the microsoft branded gps to work (the one which comes with microsoft streets and trips 2005).  hot!

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  1. This is very cool. So cool that I just pulled my ebay listing for a GBA SP that I was selling. I’m totally trying this.

    To the previous poster: I’m not sure about the creator of this hack, but in my case, I have an old Garmin eTrex that doesn’t show raster maps at all, only monochrome vector graphics. With this hack I can use the GBA not only as a color screen, but as a raster mapping device.

    Only think I’m not 100% on is the cable. It appears that you have to hack together a custom cable (serial to GBA link port). Still worth a try…

  2. anyone with a gps receiver just like this one “I have the platinum” ! i need your help.
    i have one just like that but with a broken lcd brand new but i’m overseas so i cant take it back to the store. I need someone to help me get it setup to get gps info on my laptop but i cant set it up without display. I need someone to guide me step by step.

  3. I was about to foolishly ebay my GBA SP too!

    Those people dragging their feet over at RedSky Mobile ( can finally give up the ghost now…

    Link cable does look a bit tricky though.


  4. wow, that guy knows what the fuck hes doing, thats really cool, now all ya gota do is embed a gps device inside the ds, and use it solely as a gps device, im guessing that it would work with teh advanced

    im still wishing i wasnt so poor so i could make one of thems…

  5. Be careful building the RS232 to Gameboy cable: Mikhail Sharonov’s design essentially shorts your GPS receiver’s output to ground! Add a 500 to 1k Ohm resistor between the receiver and the diodes. (your mileage may vary)

  6. Have you thought of adding voice? But my biggest question is ‘Where do you get a gba flash cartridge?? I thought that I had looked, but I have not seen one mentioned. I must be looking in the wrong places. Please help if you can. Thanks even if you can not.

  7. At the website the story points to that has the instruction, I’m at a loss for details. I’m a newbie at hacks & wanna do this with the Microsoft GPS sensor w/Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005. But I need exact detailed instructions and how to wire the gps module inside of it properly & what to do with the rom because I dont understand exactly what to do in laymens terms. Help would be eternally appreciated

  8. Although Microsoft (actually Pharos, who makes them for Microsoft) won’t admit it, the GPS-360 & GPS-500 are both Serial interface at the edge connector on the side of the “Mouse-Puck”.. output is standard NMEA stream at 19200 baud. The cable or dongle between them is a USB to serial I/O (RS-232) adaptor. For a long time, the driver for the GPS-500 dongle was crashing my HP-DV6000 w/Vista. If someone can figure out the type of connector the 500 uses, I’d have the perfect GPS for a Robot design I’m working on.

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