hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

big ups fellow hackers! It’s beautiful out and Im currently in NJ at a starbucks finishing the podcast with jason. I’ll be headed to Ohio tonight to go to Cedar Point roller coaster park (read: longggg road trip) but aside from that, Jason and I have the Podcast 99% done. We’re busting our ass so that it will be ready for you by later today. Promise. It will be without a doubt the single best podcast you have ever heard and we hope you enjoy it. It’s got an NPR-program feel to it. it’s insanely enjoyable. it’s got interviews. it’s got everything.

jason will change this text to the RSS link you’ve requested and the download link will be here also. keep checking back every hour. i wont be able to post it because of the travelling. <3

now of course I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging without some totally sweet links!
blogebrity says i’m a b-lister. rock.
aww how cute. make your own pro action replay [daniel]
ipod dock pin layout for you rockers. [nickIQ]
the claim to free wifi. hmm. true? [downloader38]

flash drive pez (always a favorite) [megabite1]
a very cool linux hard drive mod! [usergentoo]

and…salmon in the dishwasher. [xfred]

as for your easy to do hack? simple. very simple.
want to get your site hacked? easy.

Step #1. Create a bit-torrent site.
Step #2. Wait.
Step #3. Call a lawyer

See? It’s that easy. The FBI just will come right in along with ICE and that will be that. you got h@x0r3d. nuff said. enjoy the podcast. we’ll have the RSS url for you too. and instead of yelling at me for the above “hack”, watch systm and smile.


  1. matt says:

    aw man i waited all moring and now i go tto wait more ohio is fo rlover peace to all you guy sin ohio cincinnati get some skyline

  2. Yeah, blogebrity is pretty much a hoax since it is part of the contagious media contest. http://showdown.contagiousmedia.org/

    Or maybe I’m just pissed that they spelled my name wrong (it does link to the right place)

  3. theknife says:

    does anyone have a copy of “wifi-spy.exe” i am having no luck googling it.

  4. mycroft says:

    under the ‘claim to free wi-fi’ link, much is made of a piece of software, wifi-spy.exe. Has anyone downloaded this software and run it on a quarantined system or atleast scanned it for viruses? Call me crazy, but the idea of running a software-only 802.11 setup through a serial port seems more than a little fishy to me. What is the real aim of this site?

  5. Alex says:

    wifi-spy has to be a joke.

  6. carpespasm says:

    though the wifi over serial port idea looks really cool, the article looks a bit too skimpy on details “wifi-spy.exe uses non standard protocols” yea, what the hell? how is magic non-standard protocol going to work with the 802.11 standard.

    those screenshots could be faked easily, and it doesn’t seem like a peice of software as miraculaous as this “wifi-spy.exe” could exist without popping up on the radar somewhere.

    in addition, it looks like it’s written not to show how to make a wifi connection from a serial port and a peice of software to emulate a wifi card, but instead, it’s from an angle of how to pirate wifi. it all looks too shady and unfounded to me. snakewater if you ask me.

  7. nuffle says:

    Is there any point to the hard drive hack besides being a visually appealing way to destroy said hard drive?

  8. Jfalk says:

    If you want a good laugh, check out the source for the central frame (where the black letters are) on the new elitetorrent site, the gov version- its hilarious. Prepare yourself for pages of nbsp

  9. allanon says:

    Don’t be retarded, that wifi-spy page is a joke. It is stupid on so many levels it is hard to know where to start. Voltage of the input? No, wait, signal processing of a wide range of frequencies through a SERIAL PORT! Or what about the outgoing bytes? Send pulses through the serial port that magically are modulated to 2.4 Ghz? Blah.

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m a big fan of using tlelevision antellas for 2.4Ghz too.

    The wording seems designed to appeal to 9-year olds.

  11. nxsfan says:

    That wifi article is clearly a hoax, altho i’d be interested in how many people had a go!

  12. JWP says:

    Please, let the wifi be true. please?

  13. chris says:

    How do I suggest things for hackaday lazy afternoon?

    Because i found this and it seems a great little bit of software. http://www.modometer.com

    It tracks how far you have moved your mouse and gives quirky little bits on information eg. how far up the statue of liberty you have traveled.

  14. veritas says:

    Why are torrents of movies and such a threat to national security? Or are illegal immigrants running the servers?

  15. jared says:

    jfalk: i just love it when people make webpages in microsoft word, and end up with 5mb .html files. that code is seriously retarded; i’m going to see how efficiently i can recode it

    p.s. omigosh it’s SO UGLY. what are they, colorblind? or did they just pick hex values at random

  16. drumrboy says:

    ne1 notice this at the bottom of elitetorrents gov’t page?

    ” RTJKJAS ”

    if u scroll down and highlight the bottom you see that

  17. altek says:

    Regarding the free wifi link:


    Note the post date :)

    Checking the html source of the original page will also tell you that the actual page is hosted here:


    Which also happens to have a forum:


    Looks like someone’s been had ;)

  18. IMWeasel says:

    On the salmon in the dishwasher page – Am I the only one that hates web designers that put their text in a 3 inch wide column? I paid good money for an 18 inch flat panel monitor so I’d have lots of screen real estate, and I get to read a 3 inch wide column that I have to scroll down page after page to finish, and the whole time there’s nearly 6 inches of unused white space on each side of the story.

  19. Yeah, I think my sister (9 years old) could do a better job than the government with that HTML. That’s just sad. The worst part is that it would actually have been easier I think to do it in Notepad.

    And as far as the screen real estate goes… a lot of web sites (this one too) do this because most people don’t like reading lines that are over a certain amount of characters long for some reason. I read it in Paul Graham’s FAQ (http://www.paulgraham.com/gfaq.html), and he’s a pretty smart guy, so I would guess he isn’t lying. Still, if you really didn’t like it and it was a site you went to regularly you could try fixing it with Greasemonkey I guess. I don’t know how hard that would be to do.

  20. IMWeasel says:

    Joshua – On the narrow columns of text again – I can give some slack to sites like hackaday because the extra space is used for a couple columns of links, adverts, the list of commonly commented stories, etc.

    The salmon in the dishwasher page wasn’t making any use of that space.

    The reason for narrow columns of text is that as the lines get longer it is harder for your eye to track back to the beginning of the next line of text. That’s why magazines and newspapers are printed in several columns. The key word there being several. If google can make maps that scroll around when dragged and other cool things like that, a site like salon should be able to divide the existing browser window into two or three columns and automatically reflow the text. Then just put a next page icon on the bottom right, and when the user clicks it, reflow the next page of text into the columns. It would be like paging through a magazine, with pages that reformat to the size of your screen. I have no clue how to do it, but I’m not a professional web developer. But a big site like salon should employ people that could do this.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I don’t like having to spin my mouse wheel until my arm muscles hurt.

  21. sensesfail says:

    Wheres this podcast that was promised? Not harping for it, just wondering where it is if im missing it.

  22. D-oh! Why didn’t I think of that? I dunno, just being dumb I guess. Oh well.

  23. Charles says:

    Do your homework before deciding it’s a “government” shutdown.

    OrgName: San Diego Supercomputer Center
    OrgID: SDSC
    Address: P.O. Box 85608
    City: San Diego
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 92186
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: SDSC-APOLLO
    NetHandle: NET-192-31-21-0-1
    Parent: NET-192-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: DNS1.SDSC.EDU
    NameServer: NS0.SDSC.EDU
    Updated: 1994-12-20

    TechHandle: TH60-ARIN
    TechName: Hutton, Thomas
    TechPhone: +1-858-534-5136
    TechEmail: hutton@sdslug.org

    COME ON NOW people. I’m ashamed of ya. All of ya.

  24. ian says:

    podcast ? where is it ? hiding ?

  25. strider_mt2k says:

    So many Podcasts, so little time…

    So where’s the podcast? Make with! :)
    (Take it the right way please.)

    This one and Engadget’s are two new favs.
    I just have to get around to submitting material, sorry.

  26. Andy cogen says:

    IP Address : [] http://www.dhs.gov
    IP Location: United States [US]

    OrgName: San Diego Supercomputer Center
    OrgID: SDSC
    Address: P.O. Box 85608
    City: San Diego
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 92186
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: SDSC-APOLLO
    NetHandle: NET-192-31-21-0-1
    Parent: NET-192-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: DNS1.SDSC.EDU
    NameServer: NS0.SDSC.EDU
    Updated: 1994-12-20

    TechHandle: TH60-ARIN
    TechName: Hutton, Thomas
    TechPhone: +1-858-534-5136
    TechEmail: hutton@sdslug.org

    This is the result of a whois search on the ip address This is the torrent search engines ip currently. links directly to the department of homeland security. I’m not sure if I’m adding any information. I am not too good with html, and ip address research, but i’m just stating what i found.

  27. ae2k says:
  28. Sean says:

    Those DNS queries are correct, however the FBI and ICE took credit for the changes in DNS configuration, and taking the site over, in news releases (http://www.fbi.gov/dojpressrel/pressrel05/bittorrent052505.htm)

  29. Sean says:

    Hey, why don’t I post the exact same thing the guy before me posted, except look like a big retard in the process?

  30. jared says:

    it’s okay, number 26 did it too.
    no worries

  31. plex says:

    #26 doubled up too

  32. polobunny says:

    Wow, FBI sucks arse at making HTML webpages. I mean, cmon stop using Word.

    Notepad would have done a better job seriously.
    Also, are they all blind? Those colors are less then right for an FBI closure of some sort. I would have put some sleek white or black BG with decent resolution images, without writing half of the content in CAPS.

    And what about those RTJKJAS letters at the bottom? Please, don’t say they suffer from tourette! Looks like someone spilled cofee on his keyboard. @_@

  33. Arctic Asparagi says:

    ITs the government what did you expect? they probably could have done a better job using the command line to open a text document and do the html with their eyes closed.

  34. veritas says:

    I just looked at the source for the elitetorrents.org site. Look how simple:


    Thats it. I guess they did not need much, but they coulda at least thrown in a link or two, right? Like have the images take you to the respective government websites?

  35. nevyn says:

    Ignoring the whole “Home security” thing, and the podcast (which by now is posted), what made the person who runs this site put the wifi link here at all? that and the hard drive hack – probably work better if all he’d done was take a hammer to it. Probably the most interesting bit for me was the fact that although having a version history for this “wifi-spy.exe” they didn’t think it worthwhile to put a link to it… if any of you are the anti-social types who love spreading spyware, here’s your chance – make up an exe, call it wifi-spy.exe and upload it somewhere…

  36. drocon says:

    not to mention that the webpage is titled “Untitled Document”, and the author spells like a 4th grader.

  37. Cg 27 says:

    is that wi fi stuff a hoax check this two forums


    this one too


    is so strange somo one has to try this to get us all out of the lie
    if i can i will tested and i will tel hack a day

  38. drzeus says:

    Yes, someone must do this hack and test it for sure. Plz add some screenshots. Right now I dont have a system(getting over it for a while), so I

  39. che says:

    Yeah and why is it that RTJKJAS appears at the bottom of http://www.monkeyheadsoftware.com/ white on white. with the included cryptic message?

    RTJKJAS Download Free Software! The garden of eden is in the sands east of Solomon’s lands and not in Australia!

    Split the atom’s heart, and lo! Within it thou wilt find a sun.

  40. billy says:

    yeah something wierd is going on. RTJKJAS is at the bottom of this website too. [www.extremeelvis.com]

  41. RTJKJAS says:

    RTJKJAS, #FF0000 18 20 10 11 10 “Echo Charlie Hotel Echo Lima Oscar November” ECHELON BBR-RBCV.12EMSR VA 23219 PALFATCASPLSFRADCoRVM2006 Polish, WHO IS RAPTOR?, 1010110011 – 101011011 Right to Justice Know Jesus as Savior

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