hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

it’s insanely hot and humid out. the only thing i wanna do is laze around my apartment with the A/C on full blast and Tom Cruise on my TV


  1. randon says:


    Oh, my case will be covered in those!!!

  2. KYDS3K says:

    i want a sticker!!!

  3. Luke says:

    Me too!!

  4. Sasan says:

    hey , do u ship to Canada too?

  5. Thanks for the heads up for the international readers, Is there any chance that mail sent from (23 july 2005) will be sent back with a button and stickers? or do you gotta send a few envelopes?

  6. Chris K. says:

    Nice stickers, but what happened to the Powerbook? Your case looks “hacked” ;-)

  7. joejack says:

    You linked directly to i-hacked? Try to be a little more original. Between this site, i-hacked, and Popsci

  8. wang chung says:

    I dunno, exploiting stuff like the MIRT just isn’t cool in my book. It’d be like “public defibrilator hacks” or “haxx0ring the company sprinkler system” . Maybe it’s just ’cause most of my family is in the emergency services (notably volunteer firefighting), but it just seems a little bit rude to exploit stuff. I suppose it could be worse, but whatever. Just MHO :)

    That Mac is frikkn’ sweeeeeeet.

  9. Davey says:

    LOL @ SW3 Script

    … wipes tear away… aww man, that was great…sniff

  10. Davey says:

    Oh err… grammar nazi:

    How pathetic is it that the msot

  11. fish says:

    The pictures are nice but I would be interested to see a how to for the rca to cat5. I can make lots of pictures of “hacks” but back it up please!

  12. xSmurf says:

    I do something similar at home, the whole place is filled with cat5e (even the phone cables are cate5) so there is plenty of wires left… I use this to bring audio from the pewter to my bedroom. One problem I have is that if the output is off (the iMic is unpluged or the computer is off – yes… computers came turn off at times, not only reboot!) there is alot of static. I guess it’s just not properly grounded… Any thoughts on this?



  13. soul_hack says:

    Hey Vince, got any buttons leftover?

  14. justin says:

    does anyone have a site or instructions for that ethernet to RCA thing? thnx

  15. justin says:

    sorry, i shouldve posted this b4, i also want yellow cables (video). so there just like xsmrfs, ‘cept with video. thnx

  16. dave says:

    hey does anybody have the parts list for that MIRT from mouser.com? if somebody could post that that would be great

  17. STratis says:

    Yes, uhhh, nightline (tom cruise) is so perfect on a hot day! Nothing better than getting the newest news! (high fives)

    : P

    Anyways, there are people here in central texas that go without AC. It’s a new enviormental movment down here with a few, they find alternate ways to keep cool such as eating salad for lunch and watching tv in a kiddie pool. Pictures of these people with the story about it in the local paper shows people which look like their on the verge of giving birth!

    I’ll stick with my AC for now, but I feel bad.

  18. Scott says:

    xsmurf, the reason you are getting static on the line might be related to the fact that the Cat5e cable is used for both phone and audio. The phone can use like 90v AC power, which can mess up signals twisted into the same Cat5e cable.

  19. dnb_hippie says:

    did anybody notice that the story on ihacked about the MIRT quoted that fake crosswalk hacks site? they actually said that these sets of clicks work! that suprises me. where do they get their info?

  20. datwstddevil says:

    it looks like you need to replace your powerbook case like me :P
    i had mine dented up like that before too
    where do i send the email with picture of a taged wall : )

  21. Mrono says:

    Hey, this is a stupid question, but whats the postage, one stamp or 2?

  22. person man says:

    Um I think two, one on the in the envelope and one on the envelope, otherwise, he would have to buy alot of stamps….

  23. Mrono says:

    yeah, i just wanted to know how much on each envelope

    ok, sending now, er tomorrow morning

  24. Mark Eichin says:

    what’s “hack” about #1? btkey from yellow.de has been out for ages, and works better in at least some ways; the nokia driver is pretty good with some keyboards but kind of marginal with the apple one.

    now, an *interesting* hack would be a bluetooth-to-ps2 or bluetooth-to-usb (*not* the reverse, which is trivial to find) so i could hook a real keyboard (that is, an ibm clicky) and use that with my phone. so much time, so little to do…

  25. xSmurf says:

    Scott, I doubt it would be that, the static occures at anytime, not only during the ring signal (90v) but even when the phone is on hook. I also have had similar problems with very long (un-shielded) audio cables…

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