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wrt lcd

I was pretty sure this could be done, but hadn’t seen anyone pull it off till now. Bird603568 managed to stumble upon this write up

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  1. great hack but why is there anything u could get from that that u couldn’t get from the maintenace page it creates and does anyone actually have a wireless router in a location they could actually read the lcd? I don’t think i’ver ever had one that wasn setup in a spot i could easily read an lcd. good hack none the less.

  2. This could actually be useful if to some extent. I was actually looking for a way to hook up a monitor to the serial port. Eventually making it a stand alone computer running lynx and pico and the like wise from the terminal. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to attach a usb hdd to the sd card slot. I’m fairly sure that you can do this mod with both the sd card and the dual serial port mod. Taking a sd card usb converter and flipping the sexes of it sounds like it would work. If someone has tried this please tell me.

  3. THe customization page hasn’t been worked on in awhile. When I get some more time I will continue writing how-to’s for it.

    THe LCD mod is just a serial lcd, hooked up the same way the sd card is. If i recall correctly that router has both an lcd and sd card in it, and they are connected to the same GPIO pins. The router chooses to output to either the lcd or the sd card via a chipselect wire.

    One more thing, the LCD mod is done by the same two guys the sd card mod was done by. They’ve also programmed an FPGA to display the serial console on a vga monitor. Very cool :)

  4. alex: i’m not too sure, but i think that the laptop contest was kinda undoable. the way that the companies tryin to make their own 99 dollar laptop is because they’re doing it in bulk and they can make them from cheap parts, once they get the circuit boards designed and the screen’s cost down, they might be able to make that cost. it’s unlikely that you could find some over the counter parts that could be cobbled together into what could be concidered a normal computer. i’d still like to see someone try though but i’m not holding my breath. even that cheap little wifi instant messenger thing was 99 bucks with a b/w lcd and no hard drive.

    second, the cvs saturn camcorder is getting there. pretty quickly as far as i’m concered as well. check out http://camerahacks.10.forumer.com/viewforum.php?f=13
    for the latest. morcheeba on that forum seems to be getting along well in decompiling the firmware, and there are also some ppl trying to reverese engineer a schematic who seem to be pretty far along as well.

  5. the cvs camcorder im assuming is in hold still, till drivers become available. so that we can actually pull the movies out of the camera w/o disassembling it

    on a side note: i’ve had experience actually making the dvd’s at cvs and its like a 45 minute process, the mojoroty of the time is in the processing of the videos, and the last handful of minutes is in actually writing the cd.

  6. Matt, you do not NEED to, its just something cool to run embedded linux on. You can serve web or ftp, you can track downloading/uploading, you can even give it vLAN and other features and such that only really high end routers/switches can do. I think mainly its been done because us hardware hacking nerds want to take something and make it run differently or better and for other purposes. All in good fun. Keep it up guys, I’ll be getting one of these as soon as I get some fundage.


  7. hey luke, the site you mention is actually created and updated by morcheeba. He’s been updating it as he goes along.

    it’s really amazing watching the progress made on the cvs camcorder. I wan’t wait until it is to a point where the unit doesn’t have to be disassembled constantly.

  8. I sent in my s.a.s.e. the day after the pins were announced, but it still hasn’t arrived yet… insert frowny face here.

    Has anyone else received theirs yet? insert inquisitive face here.

  9. The reason we add SD cards and serial consoles and such are for the same reasons we rip out the original linksys firmware and throw on a custom compiled linux. BIC (because i can.) Having a full linux os allows us to have complete control over everything. We can configure the router any way we want. We can install packages (just like any good linux distro!) for traffic monitoring/reporting/shaping, etc. There is no limit to what can be done.

  10. thanks everyone. Tonight I got some of the automatic thread tracing done, so I can see what functions are called by which threads. The case statements are throwing me off right now — they are traced, but don’t have the original thread name so it’s hard to tell what’s going on. But soon I’ll be able to narrow my searching to just the functions called by “UsbAgent”. Still more work – I need to add names to function and variables.

  11. Hi all!

    Does anyone have documentation (schematics and software) about how to hookup a LCD to a wrt54gl with tomato firmware and usb mod?
    I have 2 usb ports on my router and i could use one of them for the LCD, but i can’t find a schematic for this. I have some nokia 5110, 3310 and siemens m 35 displays.

    Thanks in advance.

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