Defcon day 3 – 125 mile wi-fi shot

Team PAD has done it again. Running out of highway last year they were only able to get 55.1 miles. This year they made it all the way into Utah to do their record breaking shot. Congratulations guys!

If anybody is looking for Primestar or DirectTV dishes to do long links with, I’ve gotten two of them using freecycle.

17 thoughts on “Defcon day 3 – 125 mile wi-fi shot

  1. If you dont want one of the dishes I will take it off you hands for you. I would really like to make a dish antenna

  2. That’s what the WRT54G(S) is for (wds is the shizzle)

    I hadn’t thought of looking on freecycle for a dish though, thanks for the idea

  3. Ask any (small) retailer of Primestar and DirectTV dishes for one, generally most of them have a pile of unused ones. A friend of mine has the floor of a small room covered, and Radio Shack in town has a small shed full. Their difficult to throw away, so I’m sure they’d give you a free one just to get rid of it. (And yes, they work great for dish antenna’s! Mine’s about 23dBi)

  4. That’s great for a LOS link, but what is the record for a NLOS link?

    Anyone have any links to where I can find info on 600’+ NLOS links?

  5. screw wireless, wired is the way to go. faster, more reliable, and you dont have to worry about people leeching your wifi!

  6. Chris, do you have 125 miles of Cat5 laying around?

    And I really don’t think that with such directional antennas you have to worry about anyone leaching.

  7. 32mi near sea level. Mt. Potosi is around 8000ft above sea level. Utah Hill is around 2000ft… Line of sight is around 200mi at those heights.

  8. m4ff3w, seems to me that if you’re in the line of sight, you *could* leach the signal. Though, I’ll grant that would have to know it was there if you were going to intercept a tightly focused signal. Still, you know what they say about security through obscurity :)

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