GameCube Linux

GameCube Linux

I know this week belongs to the Xbox 360, but sometimes you need a break from all of the hype. Once the Xbox Linux team got a mature system established they decided to move on to GameCube Linux. They’ve made a lot of progress:

The GameCube Linux kernel has working drivers for PAL and NTSC framebuffers, the Broadband Adapter (network card), audio, ARAM, Real Time Clock, gamepad, keyboard, DVD, MMC/SD cards (through the SD card adapter) and reset button. It has also preliminary support for memory cards.

Just last month they released instructions on how to build your own bootable disc.

[thanks h-tech]


  1. matt pist says:

    first post? :P

    this looks kinda cool. maybe people will make something more useful out of the gamecube now…

  2. Morder says:

    Thank you, I for one am sick and tired of anything xbox360 related. Cool story btw, i’ll have to try this

  3. joe says:

    a 99 dollar computer, what beats that! no, the xbox 360 doesn’t beat that, youre wrong.

  4. Mike says:

    Cool Commodore monitor!

  5. Woah! I wonder if you could do a MythFrontend on a GC. They have started a project for the Xbox so if this thing could yank it that would be a rather nice frontend. It wouldn’t cost much either.

    I cant seem to find any info on the system requirements but if they can do mplayer why not MythTV.

    Hey just a practical use of a game cube when you are bored out of your mind and droped the money for a network card.

  6. CYRIX says:

    Every system has so sort of linux port how does everyone not know this already…

  7. weirdguy0101 says:

    what happened to the cooking post?

  8. That was a scheduling error. Try to act surprised when you see it tomorrow.

  9. markie says:

    >Cool Commodore monitor!

    haha, I noticed the commodore 1081-monitor too :-) …and if I’m not mistaking, a similar(the same?) monitor also was on the first Xbox linux pics I saw (long time ago, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere online now). It still is a fine monitor for showing a composite videosignal (I got one right here and if it breaks I’m gonna fetch yet another Amiga500+1081 combo for $5 somewhere ;-))

  10. chase says:

    Is there a mini dvd+-r format available for sale or do you have to modify the case to allow for a full size dvd?

  11. bedouin says:

    All the Commodore monitors seemed to have disappeared from local thrift shops, and I couldn’t seem to find one using Craigslist. I bought one recently off eBay after my trusty 1702 died, but ended up throwing it in the trash after a few weeks and buying an ordinary TV. All of those Commodore monitors are reaching an age where it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t have a handful of issues.

    I still would rather have the C= monitor, though.

  12. ed3 says:

    Now if they could only get a PS2 to boot linux without modding…

    I mean, it ran Linux natively (if you had the $200 for the no-longer-unavailable kit)…

    GameShark Media Player (BroadQ media player) loads it’s application from the network. I’ve often wondered if that could be abused somehow.

  13. AndrewNeo says:

    I’ve used GCLinux for myself, bought all the stuff I needed for it. It’s pretty cool, though I had a hard time getting mplayer working, I could get sound, but however I did it I couldn’t get it to play the video (wouldn’t decode)
    It was interesting, it’s like having a low-power server or something that you can SSH into. I loved playing a SNES emulator using the GC joysticks.

  14. miscblogger says:

    this is so cool! what’s next? the play station? i heard that it is extreamly difficult to do that (if not impossible)

  15. Gilbert J. Garcia says:

    I need help getting this to work. I’m still a linux noob. but it the web site had “A ready-to-use sample bootable mfe-distro disc image (547MB) is available for you to test.” thing I burned a copy to a dvd-r I have a network adapter and a computer that can run either slax or Austrumi and a whole lot of cat 5 cable. Where do I go from here? please help me!

  16. Gilbert J. Garcia says:

    oh i realise now that i need an action replay disk and someother things. I was wondering if I could use this thing instead of having to use a sd card adapter. Does anyone know if it will work? it would be cheaper than having to buy an adapter and a sd card. any advice?

  17. commodore junkie says:

    TRY THIS: Create a port of old linux(if any of you know this was originally GEOS from berkley softworks), which is partially running on a C=64 with the 6510 processor, vicII video, and 64k memory, LOL

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