Total Christmas Light Control

christmas light control

Now that Thanksgiving is in full swing, I think I can safely mention Christmas without receiving the beat down.  In this project, Christmas is just an excuse to build a parallel port connected control box capable of switching 320 individual circuits. The interface is constructed out of two types of chips: the 138 decoder and the 374 flip-flop. Each flip-flop is attached to an individual serial port that is connected to an 8 outlet switch box. Along with this system the site features lots of other home built and modified controls.

[thanks yo_tyler]

11 thoughts on “Total Christmas Light Control

  1. I swear, if I see that friggin video clip one more time, I’m going to scream.

    I know there are other clips from years past that are floating around – that’s why I keep clicking on “zOMG check out this aewsomep video clip of xmas lites!!1 hurr hurr” – just hoping it’s a different link.

  2. I’m so happy that you guys have started using those damn javascript ads that cover up your content… seriously, why are they a good thing?? *they cover up your content* Ugh, they are more annoying than those X10 popups ever were. I hope they don’t get too common here, because I would be unhappy if I had to limit my visits here to once or twice a month.

  3. Remember the Hoax of the Webcam lights last year. You might be able to do something like that for real with this.

    Ads? What Ads? You mean you arn’t using Adblock Plus and Firefox. Please. Taking the adds out of Hackaday is the easiest hack out there.

  4. Hey this great, I was looking for this site about a week ago, today I jump on hackaday and bam! there it is. But, what they haven’t told you is hackaday is starting to recieve hacks through telepathy

    Go hackaday! (dawns tinfoil hat)

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