S1MP3 memory upgrade


The S1MP3 is a Chinese MP3 player branded by at least 50 different manufacturers. Some only play music, but others can play MP4. Have a look at the gallery to get an idea of the variety. S1MP3.org has been developed to support users of the players and create opensource firmware. Here’s their guide for upgrading the memory of a player. If you can’t get a donor player, the site says you can get a new 1GB memory chip for $9.

[thanks ex-parrot]


  1. Bombasschicken says:

    these are the kinda hacks i love.. when people actually get into the guts of the thing..

  2. Bombasschicken says:

    these are the kinda hacks i love.. when people actually get into the guts of the thing..

  3. Dr Lous says:

    I’ve already posted this … 3 or 4 month earlier :/

  4. I checked my email and Dr Lous did send this in Apr 29. I thought it looked familiar.

  5. john says:

    this looks sweet, i suck hard at soldering percisely.

  6. carpespasm says:

    an easy way to pull a flash chip is to heat a razor blade red hot in a pair of needle nose plyers and use it to heat the pins on one side of the chip, then pull it up off the board, lather rinse repeat on the other side

  7. LedHed says:

    looks like the perfect way to make an Mp3 player into what ever I want! Oh the possiblities

  8. andrew says:

    wow that’s so cool! tho, i have never been able to solder surface mount pins without totally fuxxing up with too much solder :(

  9. thejoeandchip says:

    I had no clue that memory was that cheap. Companies have led me to believe that charging $30 more for 512mb more was fair. I am very angry now.

  10. anonymous says:

    I bought one of these, it broke within the week.

  11. axls says:

    can I use a video card memory to replace it if not , why
    (ati video card memorys 64 mb, i have 3 broken ones )

  12. Pekar says:

    Hooray, now I have instructions on how to use my Nano clone that aren’t in engrish.
    It’s pretty frustrating to not have a manufacturer name anywhere on a product. It makes it hard to look for help, or a user community.

  13. Nick says:

    Excellent, thank you!


  14. rraallvv says:

    hey dude!

    is there a limit to memory upgrade? can it be upgraded to more than 1GB?


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