Line following Roomba

line following roomba

[Ben Miller] came up with a really simple way to turn a Roomba into a line following robot. The Roomba already has four “cliff sensors” built into it. Ben just added a potentiometer to the two outside sensors and then tuned the pots so that the Roomba could detect black tape on the ground. It isn’t your standard line follower, but if you draw a path using two strips of tape the Roomba will gladly stay inside. Here’s a CoralCDN link to the video.


  1. joe says:

    i think that line following robots can never get old, i remember programming the old lego turtle in logo. very nice!

  2. andrew says:

    a good quick, simple hack. i like.

  3. rly nice man says:

    ams it ams me that think ams romba ams lil expensive ams folo line ams?

  4. halonfire says:

    Very nice. I hope more people submit more Roomba hacks as this is the kind of things I like to seehere at HAD.

  5. Embepsise says:

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