bluetooth roomba phone remote

He’s pimping his book a bit, but Tod sent in his hack for controlling his bluetooth roomba with a bluetooth phone. He released the bluetooth interface hack Now he”s whipped up a phone application that lets him fully control the roomba via bluetooth.


  1. Amyn says:

    first post

  2. Cyrus says:

    Pretty cool. i just wish my motorola a630 had more than just basic bluetooth services…

  3. bird603568 says:

    now it needs an arm to fetch a beer.

  4. trebuchet03 says:

    interesting hack… makes me wonder – does anyone use the roomba to vacuum anymore? If I had one – I sure wouldn’t :P I’d probably put some big wheels on it just for the novelty of being able to vacuum the front lawn…

  5. Crash says:

    Next up: Chicken ipod mouse tire!

  6. mohammad says:

    plz hack this thanks

  7. Sean says:

    Gotta love roomba hacks and I hope to see more of these.


  8. AMP says:

    Could you Mod a roomba to mow the front yard? of course it wouldn’t really be a roomba anymore….

  9. inspector gadget says:

    load of rubbish next hack plz

  10. wayne says:

    how do i get software for bluejacking?

  11. wayne says:

    how do i get bluejacking sofeware?

  12. Wim L says:

    I still use my roomba for vacuuming :-)

    I was hoping this hack would make my roomba bring me my phone when I left it somehere

  13. Blaine says:

    I can do that with my remote and i dont even have to hack anything it just works with the volume buttons.

  14. Blaine says:

    And guys there is a “roomba” that mows the lawn you can buy one.

  15. Flawless!

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