POV Orb project

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new twist on POV hardware. This time it’s ‘the Orb’ – comprised of a set of LEDs that rotate to form a sphere. Hopefully more docs are forthcoming. It looks like all the hardware except the motor is contained on the boards inside the sphere – maybe power is provided via the two ends of the spindle? The visuals are driven by a pic C18 with hall effect sensors to provide position readings.
Thanks to [phishinphree] for the tip.

Don’t forget – 6 more days to get in your Design Challenge entry. I’ve gotten some great stuff so far – it’s going to be tough to choose a winner.

20 thoughts on “POV Orb project

  1. that is amazing! i wonder if they will post a video of it running. the globe looks unbelievable!

    they could probably make kits and a number of folks may go for them..

  2. wait!! imagine multiple, smaller concentric rings within each other to add /depth/! that would definitely be worth persuing!

  3. I have a simpler one of these, it is just a spinning ring with the led’s hooked up to some oscillators and other random stuff that you can use to make diferent floating patters. I still prefer a good cylinder pov any day ;)

  4. I think that would be hilarious to see it doing the death star… and I would Def. buy a kit if they made one.
    What I think would be really awesome, is if someone did two or three rings, set like a gyroscope.

  5. Man that looks sweeet. Can’t wait for some videos of it in motion. Speaking of video man that would be super cool to display. Eventually I bet we will see it.

  6. Great idea, I can see real uses for this technique if it is more refined, I see myself doing a few online orders after christmas ;-)

  7. that is a really sweet idea..

    however this project really has too few led’s to properly be considered a hack.. every good hack has lots more led’s.

    10ts more = 31337 hax

  8. The one with the two motors and spinning disks seems backwards to me. I would use a shaft that had two hub motors and a spiral pattern of slots cut into the disk towards the edge of the motor to allow for optical sensors to act as a resolver.Thus giving a location of the disk at any given moment.
    Being that they would want speed and not torque, the hub motors would work well for this application.
    This would put the weight of the system to the center and allow for an unobstructed view.

  9. I belive this was first made by Nick Sears and he showed it in a TED Talk,

    but Im amazed he manged to build one as I’ve been stuck on it for along time

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