PSP downgrader for v3.03 released

While I was on vacation, [Fanjita] and [Ditlew] released a downgrader for PSPs running v3.03 firmware. To get it to work, you’ll need an unpatched copy of the GTA:Liberty City Stories UMD. The hack should get you down to v1.5. It’s supposed to work on all current PSP hardware. Thanks to [wraggster], [Steve DiRaddo]. [Sean] submitted the same info [via noobz], but they don’t appear to have credited the authors. (Unless of course, the authors are part of noobz.)


  1. fragged says:

    cool, and I got first post :P

  2. Kenny says:

    The reason Noobz did not credit Fanjita and Ditlew is because they are both a part of Noobz.

  3. Will O'Brien says:

    I couldn’t tell if that’s the case from the noobz site, but I did wonder.

  4. XyTec says:

    just to clarify, my psp is a TA-086 and it worked. thats the latest motherboard, so it works great.

  5. Steve DiRaddo says:

    the hard part is getting your hands on the unpatched version. but at least its possible o_O

  6. dioxide says:

    i wanna do this, but how do i get a copy of gta that will work? i dont wanna go buy one and find out its been fixed =/

  7. Crash says:

    I knew there was a reason I upgraded yesterday.

  8. Ricky says:

    why no try to use the downloadabol demos for the psp thay boot with out needing any thing eles

  9. Stiggy_nz says:

    “i wanna do this, but how do i get a copy of gta that will work? i dont wanna go buy one and find out its been fixed =/”

    You pretty much cant buy it anymore, they are all “fixed” now. it was the original few batches that included they 2.0 upgrade on them that work. also a .iso wont work it must be an original UMD. If you can get one this downgrader is fantastic!

  10. alijraar says:

    pls i hack xternal hard toshiba hdd1544 data hack

  11. Jake Hoshgothen says:

    To “Stiggy_nz”:
    I suggest going to your local video game rental store, and using that. I downgrade PSP’s for a lot of people, and find that if you go to a Roger’s, (if there is one near you) you’ll find that you can get unpatched versions. Silly managers! When will you learn to put out new games on your shelves every once in a while?

    To “dioxide”:
    There is a different art on the back of the box of the patched one. if you can still find one, google the LCS box back pic, and find a comparison if you can. Use this as a shopping guide.

    To “Ricky”:
    There will never be a way to run the downlaodable content without amending the PSP code with an external program. However, we can always rely on Devhook to help us out with that.

    Is that all? Good. Class dismissed.

  12. Cormin says:

    thank you master

  13. anthony says:

    is it possible to freeze or break your psp if you downgrade incorrectly

  14. esosa says:

    Please can someone good in all this down grade and downloading stuff should please help me with some little info on how i can download or hack games 2 my Psp, what and where should i download?…..i am so new 2 d world of psps , and ma software is version 2.50, and so i know no much stuff about it and cos i am a webdesigner but wanna start using em’…please help and i would holla back at you.thanks easy e.

  15. beyta says:

    will there be a downgrader for 3.40 to 1.50

  16. TurningEye says:

    let there be one more release so the tarts(like me) that updated by accident, or had some1 else update it for them(but they didnt want it). We need a
    3.40 to 1.50 downgrader

  17. Austin says:

    turning eye and beyta —maybe in the future but right now no

  18. bob says:

    can some one plzzzzz help with the downgradeing and some one plz send me any thang that i can downlode that lest me do this for v 3.5 plZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  19. Vishal says:

    hey i wud like to know that, if there will be possibilty to downgrade psp v3.03 without LCS umd, or may be with some other umd like Pursuit force as it has v2.50 update in it.

  20. boy says:

    hey hackaday yes i will admit that im a noob and im surching for a psp downgrader v3.11 can anybody help me out with the website that i need my email is thx

  21. KAi says:

    Hey Heyyy jus wonderin if i can get a point in the right direction here,

    ive got a PSP V7.72 with no CFW’s or anythin…
    but i wanna play all these lovley free games^^

    been searchin all over the place to find what i need to do in a n00bs language

    any one kind enough to gimme a step by step ?
    cheers guys

  22. Exhaustfucker says:

    Hey, do any1 know ´the vissual differences between the v3 cards and the easy “flashed ” chips? Pisc or by text would be great. Tnx // Exhaustfucker

  23. hydrolyze says:

    I have been seeking all about for that information. Luckily I just came across this in Google.


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