18 thoughts on “Cakebot: Mindstorm Cake Slicer

  1. @6

    Now that would be the icing on the cake. Ba dum tish.

    Novel idea, but I could never wait that long for cake.
    Surely both links could be combined. With careful aim the hammerhead could not only slice quickly but also deliver your cake to you from a distance, although unexpected cake delivery could result in a sticky end.

  2. @7. Yes… Brings a whole new meaning to ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’!

    Anyway… Cool Idea! Although I think I’m gonna point out the second link to my Engineering Club. Heh Heh Heh!

  3. It’s a nice idea- I like lego robots that actually do something in the real world rather than just more lego. Yes it’s slow but until they sell a lego industrial robot like the wiibot arm, we’ll have to put up with slow. The hammerhead is definitely worth a look, I’m almost inspired to have a go at something similar.

    If hugely elaborate automated mindstorms machines are your thing, check out

    It’s a 6 minute video of an automated lego production line building little cars (difficult to tell at first) that I’m very impressed by, primarily for the sheer engineering challenge of building lego that can assemble lego.

    And for the record, marie antionette probably didn’t say “let them eat cake”; the quote comes from 1740, when marie antoinette was about minus 9 years old.

  4. Wow this is worthless. Not only does it barely push the cake off onto the plate but when the base spins it breaks the cake in half. This whole thing just to push one pre set up piece… cause i guarantee it wouldnt be able to move the next one, unless they align it up perfectly thus defeating the purpose… what ever that is.

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