How-To: Make your own Xbox 360 Laptop (part 1)

Sure, maybe you’re sick of hearing about [Ben]‘s work, but he’s finally giving up the goods on building that Xbox 360 laptop. It’s not your average slap it in a case and splinch on a screen project, so you’ll just have to deal with a few more posts as he pumps out this series.

To console you people who can’t stand the major pc board redecorating that’s [Ben]‘s trademark, [kiwisaft] sent along this unique use for the ol’ laser toner transfer trick.

The ball point pin dot matrix printer reminded [Tesladownunder] was reminded of this funky servo based plotteroriginally built for the dearly departed vic20.


  1. Paul says:

    When splicing cables together, it is usually better to stagger the cuts so that the splices are not all at the same spot on the cable (which creates a bulge). Staggering requires a little more length, but the results are nicer.

  2. JOnathan says:

    this dude is the best there ever was

  3. frank says:

    Hey whould u be able to make me a xbox 360laptop!!!!!!!!

  4. frank says:

    no joke

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