From NES Console To Dedicated Arcade Emulator

[Jesse] sent in this one. [Raphaël] decided to take NES practice to a new level by dedicating a NES console to run the arcade version full time. This is more than merely a ROM loading exercise, there are several differences between the NES and it’s dedicated arcade sibling, the Unisys VS. Memory was upgrade, several io pins are tapped and brought out for manual access via the newly added controls up front. At the very least, it’s a nice exercise in schematic reading. Given the mods and a few arcade accessories, you could reconstruct your own fully functional arcade machine.

4 thoughts on “From NES Console To Dedicated Arcade Emulator

  1. Pretty cool! Might go pull the NES out of storage. While looking up some of this info, I ran across a few articles, all pointing to the same dead link, about a Mac Mini install into a NES case. Thought it was worth mention as I haven’t seen it covered here. Google it.

  2. I had a Nintendo Playchoice 10 arcade game. It was an interesting substitute for a NES console. But the ‘cartridges’ (ROMs in SIMM or DIMM form, one) were expensive.

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