Case Mod: The Dark Blade – finally finished

Case mods aren’t usually enough to make Hack-A-Day, but we all drooled a bit when the Dark Blade started back in 2004. Now, it’s finally finished. Everything on the case was custom machined just for this project. I cropped the base for the shot – check out the full pics in this thread. Thanks to [Jake] for the tip.


  1. joypad says:

    absolutley Farking sweet!!!!

  2. Alan says:

    Wow that case mod looks crazy in the dark. That mod will look just as cool 10 years from now.

  3. Tom says:


  4. def says:

    I think owning something that geeky would put you at risk of getting your ass kicked.

  5. Wolfmankurd says:

    :O Absolutely awesome?! but, I wonder if he can change the parts, if he started in ’04 it’s probably not so leet any more.

  6. PKM says:

    wow… that thing wasn’t built, it was *hewn*- the amount of parts he makes from blanks and machines down to a part, like making bowling pins from logs :)

    flicking through the photos on the thread, i kept thinking “what on earth is that piece for”, and then “oh no.. he’s not seriously going to…” and then “oh holy crap he is actually going to…”. it’s a shame
    a) his english isn’t perfect, so if (like me) you don’t always recognise a part then working out what it does is tricky, and
    b) you have to dig through a 100+ page thread to find the photos. I think this is pretty much as far away from the definition of hack as you can possibly get.. it’s beautiful :)

  7. Stray Poetry says:

    Cool! The design is very nice, I like the horizontal fins. They give it a really neat look.

  8. Computer_kid says:

    Is this our new master!? :)

  9. Kodiac says:

    Can I barrow it?

  10. alex mccown says:

    i would kill for that case KILL
    ps were do u live and do u have a security system?

  11. Ex986Driver says:

    mmmmmmmm….Klingon expresso……

  12. Danielle says:

    Okay, now make me one!

    Really though, beautifully done. PKM is right to use the word *hewn*.

  13. Wolf says:

    You know your obsessed when you start building polished aluminume mounts for parts that can’t be seen from the outside of the case

  14. Steve says:

    Seems like a lot of effort to aquire the titles – Most spare time / least sex.

  15. Jørn says:

    Wery nice, but how come it’s a case mod when everything is buildt from scratch? Where’s the mod?

  16. Wolf says:

    I agree with #14, calling this a mod is like calling a car built from scratch “customized”

  17. epooch says:

    you can tell he started getting lazy around page 54 when he used plastic spacers. Custom made, CNC lathed, plastic spacers, but still, there is simply no excuse for not using black anodized aluminum there! :)

  18. James says:

    alright, is this what hackaday has come to? I don’t visit the site for a full week, and it’s coming down to lame things like case mods? oh, wait. no. It’s not a case mod, its just a case. come on, I want something that’s a HACK, not just a mod.

  19. jim says:

    looks like a cross between a tacky 90s scifi prop and a coffee maker

    i’m not massively impressed

  20. Marcel says:

    Looks like a MC flurry machine to me :P

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