CNC solder paste/pick n place

Just when I thought I’d seen most of the CNC mods out there, [Steve Ciciora] (who happens to be one of the driving forces behind the killacycle) sent in his diy solder paste dispenser *and* his diy pick and place machine. Both are extensions of his CNC taig mill. Hopefully [steve] will put up some more details of his mill mods.


  1. Steven says:

    This is really amazing. I wish I had one of these, I have a very unsteady hand. Oh well.

  2. Izzy says:

    That is very well done. I want one!

  3. azurusnova says:

    Page wont load for me at all.
    Starting to think my browser hates me.

  4. Hello1024 says:

    video links dead, and there doesn’t seem to be anything but a sentance of text and no pics to see.

  5. MacGyver says:

    Pretty darn slow… would be nice to see the machine zip from one place to another, then slow down for each action (pick up part, center it, etc.).

  6. Spyingwind says:

    If only I could watch this WMV video file under Linux…
    Other than that Great Work!

  7. pragma says:

    Could someone please youtube the videos for the rest of us? Thanks.

  8. Amos says:
  9. jono says:

    don’t understand the complaints. I was able to watch all of these videos about 10hours ago, in Ubuntu.

    Spyingwind, you have mplayer plugins installed?

  10. akmixdown says:

    I watched both videos under linux with mplayer. No problem at all.

  11. Hatessteve says:

    Holy crap… that guy wins

  12. khoa says:

    that is so freakin’ sweet. i can’t wait for the details of the project.

  13. where can I buy/how can I build one of these….

  14. jason says:

    i like it. i work with the specialized machines that do paste and placement. good hack.

  15. Kori says:

    I cant able to open the given link, can you please help?

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