Blame bluetooth

Saturday, somewhere in west virginia, the bluetooth card in my laptop keeled over. The result? No internet access in my car, so there was no Hack-a-day yesterday. I’m back online now, and I’ll try to dig up some extra stuff this week to get things back on track.


  1. alex mccown says:

    you go every were dont you i was in west virginia also with my gf to se an auto show :-P

  2. deathwombat says:

    hackaday: driven by wardriving?

  3. yazz says:

    Mind sharing your car setup?

  4. Uberwon says:

    dood i live in WV if you need i have a huge amount of logs of open access points for Huntington .. hit me up

  5. HaX80r says:

    You relied on Bluetooth to work all of the time? Wow, that’s like relying on Congress to be fast.

  6. aa says:

    We have a 100MB syncronous fiber pipe at the office in charleston if you ever need a link.

  7. internet over bluetooth? that’s like breaking a wifi card in half and saying “let’s go online”

  8. david says:


    Although I do still carry a USB Bluetooth dongle around as backup.

    And to #5: I’ve had my bluetooth setup work great for years now. No major problems.

  9. James says:

    guys, I think he means that he is relying on BlueTooth for an Internet connection to his phone, not for wardriving. I don’t really think BT has a long enough range to do any real wardriving (not to mention that you have to accept incoming connections on BOTH devices before pairing two BT devices)

  10. Omega says:

    #9 – rofl hahaha that’s awesome!

  11. altpersona says:

    im guessing it was wv that killed your card…

    good luck getting a signal in those mountains….

    not that its any better here, a few minutes south of uberwon….

  12. Will OBrien says:

    It’s a semi-long story. My old phone was killed a couple weeks ago by a drain backup. I picked up a HTC tytn with from cingular to get things going again. I was using bluetooth to the tytn to get on the slow-slow-slow gprs network. I was driving through WV when the damn thing died – just as I was in the passenger seat set to do my post. (All my usb cables were buried under a pile of luggage.) I don’t travel quite enough to justify an ev-do card – especially since the coverage has been so lacking in my home town… I may have to cough up for one soon tho.

  13. devnul says:

    I used to live in WV, where abouts were you down in “God’s Country?”. There should have been some WiFi spots along the 79 Northbound at the rest stops. I have a boxload of bluetooth dongles if you would like a “backup” for the next time.

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