Blame Bluetooth

Saturday, somewhere in west virginia, the bluetooth card in my laptop keeled over. The result? No internet access in my car, so there was no Hack-a-day yesterday. I’m back online now, and I’ll try to dig up some extra stuff this week to get things back on track.

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    Although I do still carry a USB Bluetooth dongle around as backup.

    And to #5: I’ve had my bluetooth setup work great for years now. No major problems.

  2. guys, I think he means that he is relying on BlueTooth for an Internet connection to his phone, not for wardriving. I don’t really think BT has a long enough range to do any real wardriving (not to mention that you have to accept incoming connections on BOTH devices before pairing two BT devices)

  3. im guessing it was wv that killed your card…

    good luck getting a signal in those mountains….

    not that its any better here, a few minutes south of uberwon….

  4. It’s a semi-long story. My old phone was killed a couple weeks ago by a drain backup. I picked up a HTC tytn with from cingular to get things going again. I was using bluetooth to the tytn to get on the slow-slow-slow gprs network. I was driving through WV when the damn thing died – just as I was in the passenger seat set to do my post. (All my usb cables were buried under a pile of luggage.) I don’t travel quite enough to justify an ev-do card – especially since the coverage has been so lacking in my home town… I may have to cough up for one soon tho.

  5. I used to live in WV, where abouts were you down in “God’s Country?”. There should have been some WiFi spots along the 79 Northbound at the rest stops. I have a boxload of bluetooth dongles if you would like a “backup” for the next time.

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