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  1. the cotton ball method some of the commenters were talking about sounds more usefull, as how often do you think you would have the coffee warmer shoo box ect on had when you needed them

  2. bird, That would be painful. Use molding plastic and gelatin instead (there’s a PDF describing this out there and the local DMV nowadays makes you hold up your finger for inspection before you put it on the scanner for exactly this reason). As for the superglue fingerprinting, law enforcement has been doing this for ages. IIRC they use purple cyano-acryilate and sodium something or other to make it fume, instead of heating.

  3. This has been used for ages and ages by police.

    It’s just amazing to me that science hasn’t progressed enough to the point that they stop getting the super glue out of the drawer.

  4. I just tried the super-glue and bicarbonate of soda on a cotton ball it got warm and there were visible fumes, I’m not sure if it was the super-glue or smoke but I have a really bad headache now. If it was smoke it would be a cool way to start a fire though the super-glue burning would probably mean you don’t want to use it directly to start your fire.

  5. I’m sure you all have seen the myth busters episode where they take a black/white photo of a finger print. make a circuit board etching. create a silicone imprint from the etching to give them a finger print they can attach to there own finger and defeat a biometric door lock. it was amazing how easily they defeated the door lock. wonder if it works on laptop scanners?

  6. “In the ‘early days,’ 10 gallon fish tanks were used as fuming chambers and ordinary superglue was heated. While this procedure for fuming is still effective, it carries with it the risk of developing a toxic fume, hydrogen cyanide, which is caused by overheating the cyanoacrylate or it’s vapors. This risk is pronounced at 200F.”
    Criminal Investigation, eighth edition
    Swanson, Chamelin, Territo 2003

  7. I used to work for one of the country’s largest suppliers of Law enforcement products.
    (actually for their vehicle division, where I “did” surveillance vehicles and related equipment.)

    They made a fuming kit that utilized a very decent Weller gas soldering iron, and because of that everyone in the electronics department had one.

    Fun stuff (when you don’t do it for a living).

  8. @9
    domain names are restricted in length…
    Do you pay them to have them submit a hack every day? Thought not. They try and post often, but if nobody submits anything cool, they don’t have hacks for a day…

    Also, often they post more than 1 hack a day…

  9. I wonder if we’re suppose to use our evening news hacker techniques to gain entry to the federal governments DOD secure databases, so we can use the info.

    Very few people including world renowned security consultants use fingerprint technology. The Military and Banks use RFID with SIM interfaces for ID, and room entry.

    Also I think it shows how influential marketing was in the whole make/hack/mod seen that everything that dates post popularity is researched and modded, but old obscure things like real time brute forcing of key card locks is barely existent along with things like real phone phreaking(NOT helping bottom feeders unlock there walmart grade cellphones so they can look cool trying to pick up chicks at white trash karaoke bars, and mandatory gel hair, and dockers sport bars.)

  10. Be very careful with heating super glue. The headache the other commenter was talking about could have come from cyanide in superglue. I used it onece in my SMT projects to hold the parts down, but there was a distinctive burning/bitter almonds smell which I found out was cyanide.
    Be careful.

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