Turntable mouse interface

Despite digital mixing, some guys just love their old turntables. TerminatorX has one concept: allow users to scratch music like it’s on vinyl. Some guys hate using their mouse for it, so they’ve been connecting mice to their turntables. Some use belt drives, other use optical sensors up top. Thanks to [Dylan] for the tip.

8 thoughts on “Turntable mouse interface

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can use an optical mouse to rip the record. (goes into box of junk to find old optical mouse)

  2. computer_kid: they have systems similar to that concept that use lasers, and i’ve heard nothing but bad about the quality

  3. i would of thought that the weight of the platter would of made it to heavy for scratching. Time coded vinyl would be my choice but costs a lot more

  4. As a scratch DJ of almost eight years now, I naturally headed straight for the audio page.

    I feel very harsh in saying this, but pretty much every audio file posted there was pure garbage. Perhaps it’s a question of talent. Perhaps it’s a question of talent, but looking through the articles I really don’t think any of the controllers designed are really up to the job of real ‘scratching’.

    Belive me when I say that I’ve thought long and hard about tactile control interfaces for scratching, but in all honesty there is nothing that can compare to time coded vinyl right now; especially when it’s so cheap and there are plenty of shareware apps to use it with.

  5. I have the usb Hercules DJ Console, anyone used that with this software? I was looking to get the time coded vynil with it.

  6. Thank dear lord you brought this up. I watched an episode of the Screensavers and saw it and have been looking for it ever since.

  7. Using the touchpad on a laptop with this or Analogx works OK..

    You could also use a DM2 Mixman using the DM2 Midi drivers and a program like Mixvibes or Something similar.

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