Sideways bike – ride perpendicular

I guess [Michaels Killian] just didn’t like to ride facing forward. He’s built a few versions of his sideways bike. Both wheels are used for steering – I’ve got to give him credit for making the chain drive handle that much side to side displacement. via [wired]


  1. fucter says:

    that looks scary

  2. mike says:

    It’s a neat idea but I wonder how many kinks his back will have riding like that. Plus you can carry anything on that bike and hills must suck.

  3. badmonkey says:

    Yeah. Take something simple and efficient then make it complicated and inefficient (and ugly as hell to boot). Great idea… You can’t even wheelie it. Gosh.
    Does this guy work for Sony?

  4. CongoZombie says:

    Hmm… reminds me of something…

  5. andrew says:

    interesting, but completely impractical. it’s one thing for an individual to do in his or her own spare time and have fun with it, but making headline news? please.

  6. Wolf says:


    couldn’t agree more congozombie

  7. SPongy says:

    I want to see this thing turn right.

  8. MRE says:

    after reading his description of the inner ear, and why this bike is different (using front to back ballance sensing of the ear), I came to realize: this guy is off his rocker! obvously, when one turns their head forward to see where they are going, they are going to be using the side to side sensing of their ear again!!!!! might as well be riding a normal bike. herro! it fails to achieve its objective, unless the rider cares not what he/she is about to crash into/fall over/swan dive into.

    heh “the bicycle has been around for hundreds of years, isnt it time for something new?” umm.. no. for one thing, the bicycle has evolved into a pretty efficient machine since those early big-wheels! and arent you forgeting the new recliner riders? more comfy, and more efficient, and not nearly as dweeb-ish (is dweeb still a socially accepted slur?).

    @spongy (#7): hehehe.. yeah, that should be entertaining! not to mention, how does he spin his head all the way around (the exercism style) to see where hes going?

  9. Brian says:

    lol thats mad, I am not sure I would like to try and ride it. that tash as got to go lol

    My Tech Blog

  10. Wang191 says:

    Riding this way leaves you less protected from falling down. If you hit a bump on a normal bike you can put your feet out to the side to keep you from falling over. On this bike if you hit a bump and you turn your or back or both wheels you are going to fall and have no way to stop yourself. When this happens it seems to me you are most likely to fall backwards and crack your head on the ground and hurt your back. Lets just hope you don’t do it near a curb or you’ll break your back.

    Good luck with this.

    ps. way to ruin a device that was already at near peak efficiency.

  11. cool, funny, but more cool than funny… you got to love it, original!!!

  12. chetchez says:
  13. kokey says:

    I have actually seen this guy cycling down a reasonably major city street in Dublin on a Saturday. Even though it looked a touch weird, he actually seemed to manage quite well with the traffic and was going pretty fast. I don’t think I would have thought it to be a viable shape of a cycle if I haven’t seen it in action.

  14. dokein says:

    Interesting in a proof-of-concept sense, and it does seem less crazy that his initial vehicle with full-size wheels. But there is much to be said for traveling in the same direction that you are facing… maybe there’s potential to adapt the idea to a sort of pedal-powered Segway.

  15. JonDarkwood says:

    You’re all stating the obvious with regard to its inefficiency. Some people do things just for the amusement of seeing if they can be done, without any regard to how inefficient it may be. I think it’s great, I got a laugh out of it.

  16. TJHooker says:

    This is what happens when David Crosby starts inventing stuff.

  17. Matt says:

    LOL @ CongoZombie

    “Wild Wacky Action Bike!”

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