Wiimote on your XBox 360

[UberNoober147] and [Carey] both sent in this round about hack. The Wiimote is interfaced with a PC. The PC outputs to a micro-controller circuit that outputs PlayStation 2 control signals. That’s connected to a XFPS – a PS2 to XBox 360 controller converter. It’s definitely round about, but it works.


  1. Matt says:

    That round about is about one step away from being a rube goldberg machine. You do what you have to to get the job done, and they did it well.

    I’m very impressed, I likey.

  2. Pilotgeek says:

    I wonder how much lag there is… XD

  3. SU-w/reb_w/root says:

    omfg, this is teh pwn
    excellent work

  4. Axxess says:

    To bad there’s no auto-follow at the end of the screen.

    But job well done indeed.

  5. tom61 says:

    You could probably do this in a single upper-end AVR and a bluetooth chip for the PS2 emulation side, then connect to a PS2 pad to Xbox 360 adapter.

  6. QL2Z says:

    This setup is like using a cray supercomputer to add up how much $ you spent at walmart. Good idea, incomprehensable design. you should have left out the pc.

  7. Neuticle says:

    While this hack is sweet for what it does, the guy said “Reticule movement on screen would correspond to where the Wiimote is pointing (via its IR sensors)”

    I call, shenanigans on that: he must be using the accelerometers for pointer position. First, I can’t see the IR sensor bar in anywhere in the picture and it would have to be on/under the TV for it to work. Second, he doesn’t talk at all about how you go about getting the sensor bar to interface with a pc (what kind of signal it outputs etc.) And lastly, watching the game play it just feels like he’s using the accelerometer.

    All in all though, he did a kick-ass job. This hack is full of WIN. I’d love to see a DIY kit + source

  8. crapface says:


    The “sensor bar” isn’t actually a sensor. It simply emits a pair of ir signals at a known (relatively) geometry. To demonstrate this, some people have tried replacing the sensor bar with other sources of ir (e.g., lit candles) and it works!

  9. sean hughes says:

    tell me how to do it you fukin paki

  10. ben dover says:

    this doesnt work you are a lier. teach me how to do it.

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