Talcum powder print bot

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new print bot idea. [Kyle] sent in his groups final project at Georgia Tech. An ever so handy iRobot chassis, a dot matrix printer carriage and motorized drill bit in a funnel strategically dispenses talcum powder to print messages or images on the floor. Just think, one robot can write all over the floor and the other one can clean up afterward. How long until some sports geeks build a bigger one to deface a football before a big game?


  1. monopole says:

    A color version of this would be an ideal automatic mandala printer. The second bot erasing it indicating the transience of the world.

  2. trashguy says:

    look out coke heads

  3. exup says:

    good idea – messy but a nice implementation. Someone needs to tell those guys to optimize the pics on their website..their header is nearly 4mb.

  4. Mio says:

    A bigger one? No no no. You’re thinking about it all wrong. What we need is a swarm of them working together…

  5. Kyle Keppler says:

    Sorry for the huge pics. Easy to get lazy during finals trying to crank out a website. Here’s a Youtube video of it in action:


  6. Spi Waterwing says:

    Isn’t “sports geek” an oxymoron? Or is that just me?

  7. Philip Burkhardt says:

    This might be good for the hash house harriers so member can avoid getting arrested for marking trails with flour again

  8. localroger says:

    What I wanted to do when I was younger was make one with a semiautomatic paintball gun that would automatically write your message on a billboard.

  9. dirk says:

    I wish it was faster, but I love the angry robot noises it makes.

  10. Jeff says:

    Happy Christmas to All!

  11. JMoses says:

    I have some friends who are creating a robot like this for painting football field for their senior project.

  12. Skyler Orlando says:

    Get one of the ‘bots that sticks to the wall with a vacuum, and attach spray-paint cans.

    I like the idea of a swarm of these bots, but they’d still have to use big “pixels” to be able to be seen from the bleachers.

  13. Bryan Ribas says:

    This is sweet. Prob could use use it for powerdered sugar on a cake.


  14. Dave Pyatt says:

    #13 – They already do… this is how they inkjet print cakes

  15. Kyle Keppler says:

    More info at instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-PrintBot/

  16. iisjreg says:

    1up to dirk for angry robot noises

    we need more!

  17. Chris says:

    Wonder why they didn’t use the encoder already provided with the printer motor/chassis combo. Could have gotten real printing resolution that way! Probably would have taken ALOT longer to print with their method & high resolution though….

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