DIY Home Theater Preamplifier

[Dane] built this excellent home theater pre-amplifier. He used [Mark Hennesy]‘s pre-amp design to start with, and added selectable XLR, RCA, SPDIF and even USB audio inputs. Discrete inputs from his DVD player provide surround input, and an analog matrix creates 7.1 surround from the 5.1 input. The design is very elegant, and even uses a VFD display that appears blue with some filters. I usually just buy my HT gear, but projects like this make me seriously consider re-building my entire HT from scratch.


  1. ex-parrot says:

    I am having trouble understanding it… has it been translated?

  2. wikityler says:

    No, but considering the author’s name is Krzysztof Marcinek, I don’t think English is his first language.

  3. maros says:

    He’s from Poland.

  4. Skyler Orlando says:

    @3: I think that was #2’s point.

    But what device(s) output audio to USB? I don’t think I’ve heard of any.

  5. macegr says:

    @4: you haven’t heard of a computer? think of usb headphones or the external usb soundblaster cards. a *lot* of receivers have usb inputs these days. for a number of years ti has been offering usb audio chips, you can essentially wire one up and it works.

  6. Dave says:

    Looks a lot like the one I did in college. It’s much more finished now, but the web page is horribly out of date. The PGA series was a second source to the CS3310 I used, and I prefer the BB matrix chips to the relays, but the idea was almost identical.

  7. untermensch says:

    what no tubes :-)

  8. Roger Thomas says:

    Well researched site! Can you recommend any forums I could join to learn more? Thanks

  9. Love the usb inputs!

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