AVR LED Game project

[David]‘s been building his own game platform based on an ATMega chip and an eight by eight LED matrix. Looks like he’s used the project as an excuse to get familiar with eagle and doing his own PC board design. Even if the game doesn’t really interest you, future project designs can probably benefit from his roadmap.


  1. kaelb says:

    I like how he managed to fit breakout on such a small screen.

  2. Jay Vaughan says:

    Great! Reminds me of the mignon game kit:


    Although with a better LED matrix, and it looks like its also got a slightly more beefy CPU .. I could imagine some nice uses for this hardware, such as for music-making and sequencing, so I’ll be following this project in the months to come ..

  3. Peter says:

    This would be something else if you’d made it using only standard logic gates :P

    nice project though

  4. phillips321 says:

    much respect to this guy, what a super neat job, shame about the lack of new AVR support that caused the 4 green wires :(

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